Chocolate Ants

This idea's got legs!

Chocolate Ants

This idea's got legs!

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Small and crunchy!

Trust us, they are very moreish!

In case you're wondering if we actually test all the Edible products we sell, the answer is yes. In fact we're tucking into a few Chocolate Ants right now, and we have to tell you that they're really quite delicious. Perhaps that's because these confectionery-covered critters are not just ordinary ants (if there is such a thing), and they're not just covered in ordinary chocolate.

No siree, these six-legged sweets are made from genuine Queen Leafcutter ants (like the ones you see on nature programs carrying flipping great bits of foliage). None of which makes much difference when you're chomping on a big deceased one that's been slopped in chocolate, but we thought you might be interested. Ah yes, and what about that chocolate? Well, the good people at Edible have chosen the finest Belgian chocolate in which to dip their creepy crawlies, making the overall taste sensation a gloriously bittersweet affair in every sense.

What you get

Each pack has a minimum of 4 ants

As if that were not enough, each giant ant has been hand-toasted by local tribespeople to give it that extra crunch and flavour. Mmm…ants! They're even said to contain energy-boosting enzymes, so why not keep a box on your desk to keep you feeling as industrious as, well, an ant!

Queen Leafcutters are considered a delicacy by South American Indians, so we suggest you serve them as an unusual and (t)antalising post dinner party treat - without telling guests what they are until they've chomped a few! Not that we could possibly condone such deception, but telling the truth could cause potential eaters to throw them at your feet in disgust. And you know what they say: there's nothing worse than being caught with your ants round your ankles!

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Delivery details:
This product can only be delivered to addresses within the UK.

Please note:
  • 70% Cocoa premium dark chocolate
  • Contains a minimum of 4 ants
  • Ant species - Atta Laevigata
  • Ants
  • dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanillin)
Size dimensions:
  • Tub approximately 5.5cm (Diameter) x 1.3cm (H)

Customer Reviews

Never give to an unsuspecting friend with a weak stomach is my advice... Chocolate is nice :) ants...well there crunchy and sour :P great to give to annoying partners....
Maggy - 1st October 2012
Firebox says: Too cruel Maggy too cruel! We like your style though!
Brought these got them VERY fast, took me about an hour to have the guts to put one in my mouth...and after chewing I have never been so sick in my life the taste is.... . Unexplainable tho I do want to buy more and give them to my family :P.
Maggy - 6th March 2012
Firebox says: Hi Maggy, We love `em here! but then, we are a bit weird....
What's the use-by date on these?
Amber - 26th October 2011
Firebox says: Hi Amber, the use-by date on our latest stock is December 2013. By my calculations, that's about 300 years in ant-years!
Steph, Milton Keynes.... If you actually looked at the picture it clearly shows five chocolate covered ants.
Bond - 20th October 2011
Ants for pudding ooooooooooo yummy it kind of gives me the creeps though nasty.
DR.boby306 - 19th February 2011
They tasted so good I bought like ten packs.
Gabriel Hawkins - 31st January 2011