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Size is everything
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Every so often you see a news report from some tech fair featuring a prototype robot with mind-blowing abilities and then...nothing. Who knows why none of them reach the market? And who cares when you can play with i-Sobot?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this jaw-droppingly impressive little guy is the world's smallest humanoid robot in production. But i-Sobot's size is only the beginning. Standing 6.5" tall, this triumph of RC technology is the most impressive robot we've ever seen, and we've seen a few.


i-Sobot and Remote

Thanks to 17 custom designed actuators, a gyro-sensor and a whole bunch of geeky stuff we can't quite fathom, i-Sobot's movements are phenomenally fluid and lifelike. He can dance, hula, kung fu kick, play air guitar, perform push-ups, somersaults, animal impersonations and much, much more. i-Sobot even responds to applause and can beg for mercy, re-enact Western gunfights and pretend he's drunk. Amazing!






The Nifty Remote

Using a nifty remote with an integrated LCD screen you can control i-Sobot in the traditional RC fashion or make him perform a repertoire of over 200 special action patterns. You can also create 'scripts', user-defined sequences that he can run through again and again. i-Sobot will even respond to your voice. Simply ask him a question and he'll come back with various appropriate but unpredictable responses.



Brimming with personality, i-Sobot is no slouch in the sound department: as well as countless sound FX, he can say over 200 words and phrases and he'll even play your MP3s. We guarantee you'll become totally obsessed with this state of the art show-off! And unlike the Threepios and Artoos of this world, i-Sobot is small enough to take anywhere. Sit him on your desk and you'll be unable to keep your mitts off his remote. In fact we think i-Sobot is destined to become a landmark gizmo in the history of gizmology. Your new best friend? Absolutely!

More info
Please note:
  • i-Sobot will run for 60 minutes when fully charged
Product features:
  • Ready To Go Right Out Of The Box!
  • Users can execute pre-programmed actions, user programmed actions by a remote, real-time
  • remote control, random action function, or voice activated movements
  • Speaking Vocabulary Of Over 200 Words & Phrases (English)
  • More Than 200+ Pre-Programmed Movements
  • Designed To Follow Up To 10 Voice Commands
  • 17x Custom Designed Servo Motors, 19x Custom ICs, Built-In Gyro-Sensor, 2x LEDs, Voice Command Recognition
Box Contents:
  • 1x i-Sobot
  • 1x LCD Remote Controller
  • 3x AAA NiMH rechargable batteries
  • 1x Hexagonal Wrench
  • 1x Action Chart
  • 1x Operation Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card
  • i-Sobot measures approximately 16.5cm(H) x 10.2cm(W) x 6.4cm(D)
Battery requirements:
  • i-Sobot requires 3x AAA NiMH rechargable batteries - included
  • Remote Controller requires 2x AA batteries - not included
Important battery information:
  • DO NOT use alkaline, zinc-carbon (heavy duty) or high voltage (such as 1.7V Oxyride) batteries in the i-Sobot robot. (Alkaline batteries may be used in the remote control unit.)
  • The robot unit will not function properly with alkaline, zinc-carbon or high voltage batteries and in some cases these batteries may damage some components.
  • Note: Follow the full battery use and safety instructions in the i-Sobot Instruction Manual and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for rechargeable batteries.