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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone
The Hunt


Help us solve the case

Our two bumbling detectives have been searching tirelessly for this elusive (and entirely fictional) chicken, yet still he remains in hiding. They might as well just stick a pin in a...hang about...that’s it! Your guess is as good as theirs, so we implore you to come forward and help us locate this fowl creature.
  • This clucking miscreant is wanted for questioning in connection with a series of ‘bad eggs’ that were intercepted down by the local river.
  • Feathery complexion, large beak-like nose, a regular at the Cock Inn’s fortnightly dart competition but he’s not been seen there for the last month.
  • Anyone found to be aiding and abetting this chicken will be treated as an accomplice and may be subject to arrest.

Reward Offered

Just casually push a pin into the map below to indicate where you think he’s hiding out. If your information leads directly to his arrest you will be handsomely rewarded with a £50 Firebox voucher.
The Hunt

Entries Now Closed

Sorry, this competition is now closed!

The lucky winner will be announced shortly.