15 thing that are more fun than eating Instant Regret Peanuts

Wednesday 28th August 2013

Look at our happy faces.

1. Staring into the Sun

2. Getting mauled by a Mountain Lion

3. Being buried alive

4. Not eating enough fibre

5. Being sick inside an astronaut helmet

6. Getting your hand trapped beneath a rock and then severing it to free yourself

7. Being wedgied every hour, on the hour, for the rest of your foreseeable life

8. Eating your own lips

9. Farting in an airtight room

10. Walking in on your mum, your uncle and your dad

11. Getting shot in the knee caps

12. Listening to someone playing a violin, badly, forever or Radio 1

13. Having your sunburn slapped

14. Stubbing your big toe

15. Licking industrial-grade sandpaper

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