Number 1 with a (drunken) bullet

Sunday 23rd June 2013

We have a new number 1 in the Firebox chart! Lovely vino in a real fake fake real fake bag. 

No wonder it's been bought, talked about and voted for in spades. You look mega classy and are capable of wine supplying levels of biblical proportion - BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. 

Can you use it to fool security and sneak some high class booze into a pub/gig/festival? There's only one way to find out! 

"Can I see inside your bag please? It's for security...."



Available in all the normal colours of wine. Red being the best. Then white. Then the one in the middle. 

Perfect for anyone who loves a bit of fake designer gear with a massive drunken twist. 


Update: OK, so it's run at the top didn't last too long. No sooner had this article been finished - and the VW Camper Van Tent clambered back into top spot! Bloody hell. 


Another Update: 26th July. It's back at number 1! All hail. In your face VW Camper you fool. 

The Firebox Blog: Not as funny as we hoped...

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