Dog Day Afternoon

Thursday 20th June 2013

Two dogs started scrapping in our office yesterday. It was pretty brutal. Everyone watched. For ages. No-one intervened. It was troubling stuff.

The Jack Russell is called Max and is a proper bastard. The other one has an 80's haircut and looks like Corey Haim. Or Garth out of Wayne's World. Or a flash car salesman. Or a Hollywood dentist. He loses everytime. 

Here's a picture of the victor wearing his bow-tie spoils. Butter wouldn't melt you might think.

No chance, he's a murderer!

The other one has been banished from Firebox HQ. Like a defeated Skeksis. Albeit one with what appears to be a very poor syrup. 

The Firebox Blog: Not as funny as we hoped...

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