The Best Movie Props of All Time...

Wednesday 26th June 2013

(which we sell)...

Presented in no particular order. 

This mute, unhelpful airhead won Best Actor for his role in the Tim Hanks movie 'Castaways' (1998), about an amiable delivery driver whose wife cheats on him.   

From the film 'Anchorfan', this lady bothering cologne famously smells like 'the Abominable Snowman's old lad'. It's quite pungent. 

From sci-fi blockbuster 'The Blade Runners'. It's what Indiana Solo drinks out of when he's chilling out in his house, after a hard day of chasing 'replicats'. It's not cheap, but neither are you. Are you? 

Taken from everyone's favourite 80's franchise 'Back to that Future'. Cover your precious iPad in an exact replica of the heavy handed plot device used by Teenwolf and Doc Hollywood to avoid a bunch of terrorists who are trying to nick their winged car.


Pretty sure this was in 'Requiem for a Dream', but it was very dark so can't be sure. 

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