Mucky Puncher

Sunday 7th July 2013

Domestic chores are super lame. So boring. So neccesary and boring and annoying. So arduous. So boring. So bereft of fun. 'Washing clothes', and it's evil twin 'hanging out clothes to dry' are right up there with the most hateful domestic activities. Just despicable. Blood boils just mentally considering it. Clothes. Such a con. So needy. I didn't even sweat heavily today. Why do they need washing again. I washed them the other day. What's their problem? 

Carrying the washing basket to the washing machine as well. What a torrid event. Wicker handles threatening to splinter. Socks and undercrackers sitting on the top, looking at you smugly. Taunting you. Who is the master here exactly? So upsetting.

If only you could channel this frustration in the correct way. A safe channel. Away from society and it's big nose and prying eyes. Give something inanimate a good hiding. Punch some muck. Put a fake boxing punch bag full of slightly soiled garments in an empty wood cupboard, get your best striped top and hefty boxing gloves on and let off some controlled rage. 


Well now you can! And at a penny shy of £20 it's miles cheaper than having to pay someone to reinstall the sink - after you ripped it out because you didn't put the plug in firmly enough and all the water drained out. Or repairing the wall plaster after you tried to run through it in anger when you realise the bloody sheets need changing!!!

Laundry Punch Bag - a better way. 

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