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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Gift Wrapping

So you’ve found something you like. You don’t really want to wrap it yourself do you? For a paltry £3.99 per item, we’ll lovingly shroud your presents in immaculately-folded wrapping paper so that you don’t have to. That way you can send them directly to your lucky recipients without getting yourself plastered with sellotape.

Currently available options:

Black Stars

Now for some Q and A:

Can I gift wrap ANYTHING at Firebox?
Some larger products, or products shipped directly from our suppliers are not available for gift wrap – though this will be made very clear on the checkout.

Can I choose gift wrap AND Express Delivery?
Of course you can - however the daily cut off is 2pm. Orders after 2pm will be dispatched the following day. This will be clearly shown on the checkout if you try and select it.

Can I change my mind afterwards?
Only if your order hasn’t been shipped already. However by doing this you may delay the dispatch of your order. We'd recommend dropping our friendly Customer Service team a call for details.

Do I get individual Gift messages for each wrapped item?
We’re afraid not. One message per order at the moment.

If I don’t like the product and send it back, will I get my money back for the Gift wrapping?
No. This is a service and is non refundable.

If I send straight to a friend or family member, will you insert a catalogue in with the gift?
In the Christmas season all orders are usually shipped with a catalogue included.

Where the hell is the end of the sellotape?
Not a clue. We gave up the search long ago.


Bored of perfectly folded paper and exquisitely tied ribbon? Why not have your presents CrapWrapped™ at Firebox and let us add that ‘personal’ touch for you. This exclusive and thoroughly slapdash gift wrapping service involves us wrapping your gifts in a disgracefully reckless fashion.
  • Lashings of offensive brown tape riddled with stray (mostly human) hairs
  • Pathetic attempts at folding
  • 40% too little or too much wrapping paper used
  • Wretched rips and tears exposing the surprise underneath
Indeed, it takes a high degree of skill to deliberately wrap a present this poorly, so to confirm its hideous authenticity we slap a genuine CrapWrapped™ label on the completed mess.

It’s so bad, they’ll think you wrapped it! Stuck on what to wrap? Why not try our Gift Finder?