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EST. 1998
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Customer Reviews

We're committed at to providing you with the latest gadgets, games and cool stuff, as well as making your shopping experience safe, simple and convenient. This includes both your visit to our website and any after sales support. Don't believe us? Well, for the cynics among you, here's a selection of comments made by satisfied customers...

Latest 50 Reviews:

"I'll definitely be using Firebox in the future and nice job on the customer service!"
Chris - Apr '14

"Haha! I think that is the best customer service response I have ever received!"
Emily - Apr '14

"I am amazed by how quickly the response was, I didn't even think I would get a reply the first time. Your company is amazing I have always loved firebox especially because it's British!!! (Prefer it if it was welsh though, but you can't everything lol) You guys have been so nice! :) Thanks firebox team for all your help I am very grateful."
Sophie - Apr '14

"Just wanted to say thanks to the 2 people I spoke to today regarding my order -- brilliant CS :)"
Dominic Page - Apr '14

"Thank you for all your help. I appreciate all of the customer service. And how quickly it arrived, impressed me. I will be happy to shop from Firebox again."
Joanne Thirlwall - Apr '14

"Thanks for the bag of sweeties I found in the box with my order. Made my day :)"
Debbie Kirkman - Apr '14

"Thanks for your help and for sorting it out so quickly - 10/10 for customer service "
Jade - Apr '14

"I love the way you guys talk to your own customers online. It's great! Even something as mundane as an auto-confirmation email for a purchase has a sprinkle of Firebox-goodness, your own voice, spiffingly demonstrating what a cute and marvellous bunch you all are."
Heather - Apr '14

"Ok, so I don't usually so this.. In fact, I don't ever do this.. But I'd just like to say how awesome you guys are! I've only bought one thing from you and I will be coming back for more and more!"
Luke Seage - Apr '14

"Thanks so much for the quick reply and excellent service.I will go and surf the website right now! "
Matthew - Mar '14

"Thank you guys! Great service, I must say - and friendly! "
Jackie - Mar '14

"Refreshing, brilliant customer service!"
Jo - Mar '14

"Great and thanks for the A++ customer support. Other online shopping sites can learn a thing or two from you."
Sheharyar - Mar '14

"Firebox! I've bought two products off you now the third is on its way, none of them have disappointed me in the slightest, the emails I get from you make me smile and the witty details you leave on your products are phenomenal. Never stop being awesome guys, I love buying things off you! This is just a thank you email for being amazing!"
Darren - Mar '14

"I really love your website, lots of cool products and the product photography is amazing."
Mandy Leach - Mar '14

"Thats great customer service!"
Suzanne Cherry - Mar '14

"I came to say yours is the funniest and best website I have come across ever. The very random placement of two cats in FAQ had me laughing away."
Nikki - Mar '14

"Thank you for the excellent customer service! I will be sure to tell all my friends about and what a great place you have!"
Ken Walker - Mar '14

"Just want to say thank you for the funniest and most impressive way I have ever bought anything. Brilliant, amazing. Made me laugh so much I will buy more stuff"
Sue Gardener - Mar '14

"I wish to say thank you again and I must say your company has been wonderful. Top marks."
Dawn Ferguson - Mar '14

"Lovely and friendly customer service"
Cathy Litrizza - Mar '14

"Great customer service, it will certainly increase my use of Firebox."
Martin - Feb '14

"Happy to have discovered your site."
Antonella - Feb '14

"The process of buying from your site was a breeze, and the light hearted humour in the various emails I received was great. As a web designer who works on ecommerce sites daily, I will definitely be taking some inspiration. Great work."
Mitch Ward - Feb '14

"Pretty sure that this is my favourite customer service ever, you guys are awesome."
Matt Taggart - Feb '14

"You guys are the best! Impeccable customer service every time."
Emma Say - Feb '14

"The customer service at Firebox is brilliant and I will certainly be ordering from you again."
Natasha Little - Feb '14

"Today you're getting my 5* customer service award!"
Julia Franklin - Feb '14

Carol Jones - Feb '14

"Great customer service."
David Hay - Feb '14

" If only all customer services were so easy to deal with"
Simon Foster - Feb '14

"the customer service at Firebox is second to none, and I wouldn't hesitate purchasing from you again"
Ellie McKinnon - Feb '14

"You're the best! I often buy online but your site is the best!"
Mina Martinucci - Feb '14

"Thank you for all of your assistance, you were incredibly helpful, friendly, professional and patient"
Tej - Feb '14

"that's why I keep coming back to Firebox - its run by reasonable humans not machines"
Mark Lintott - Feb '14

"You guys have the greatest customer service I've ever seen!"
Morgan Lambert-Stiles - Jan '14

"I love all your communications with your lovely sense of humour and how you always keep the customer in the loop."
Mark Guilbert - Jan '14

"I appreciate good service, which you guys always offer"
Chris Clark - Jan '14

"You've certainly earned a happy customer and I will be sure to recommend you to my friends"
Daniel - Jan '14

"You guys are absolutely awesome! "
Lauren Muir - Jan '14

"I would like to thank you for the quick and super efficient way Firebox and especially Charlotte on you team who dealt with my order problem "
Peter Bourne - Jan '14

"outstanding customer service as always from Firebox"
Michael Gray - Jan '14

" Richard Fletcher was extremely useful and was one of the best customer service employees I have spoken to not just from firebox but from other companies too"
Jack Tyler - Jan '14

"Firebox's customer service is truly second to none"
Ayrton Kelly - Jan '14

"I bought quite a few Christmas gifts on firebox this year and have been very impressed with the site, service, humour and selection. I have been telling people about how fantastic it is."
Sandra Young - Jan '14

"With your Customer Services being so good, Firebox have redeemed themselves!"
Charmain Richardson - Jan '14

"I am feeling a kiss is in order because you've been so fab!"
Vicky Bailey - Jan '14

"You're amazing. Thank you so much. I'm going to tell everyone how awesome you are"
Linda Edwards - Jan '14

"you have exceeded the boundaries of customer service and delivery physics"
George Brawley - Jan '14

"I know you probably get this a lot, but your service really is fantastic"
Joe McBride - Jan '14

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