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Customer Reviews

We're committed at to providing you with the latest gadgets, games and cool stuff, as well as making your shopping experience safe, simple and convenient. This includes both your visit to our website and any after sales support. Don't believe us? Well, for the cynics among you, here's a selection of comments made by satisfied customers...

Latest 50 Reviews:

"Just wanted to say what a brilliant service you provided. First time using Firebox will definitely be ordering more gifts from you!"
Becki Thomas - Oct '14

"You've been absolutely brilliant and I can't praise your service enough."
Vikki L Davies - Oct '14

"Keep up the good work bringing cracking stuff to us minions!"
Simon McGregor - Oct '14

"This company's customer service is absolutely brilliant and I will eagerly recommend you to anyone and everyone that I know."
Nick Mangan - Oct '14

"I would like to say thank you for the great service"
Anthony Aldred - Oct '14

"So brilliant! Have never known such an amazingly worded company with such cool stuff before! So happy one of my friends told me about you guys!"
Brittany Chippendale - Oct '14

"Thank you, your email made me feel rather special."
Vanessa Pincott - Oct '14

"I would like to say thank you for the great service."
Anthony Aldred - Oct '14

"Firebox customer service is top class. Love the quirky descriptions and emails."
Emma Fisher - Oct '14

"Thanks once again for the prompt response and incredible customer service. "
Miriam Strohe - Oct '14

"Great customer service."
Birkin Toni - Oct '14

"Once again an excellent customer service team."
Elizabeth Keaney - Oct '14

"You're such an easy company to deal with and with a sense of humour too. Bonus "
Rachel Butland - Oct '14

"I must say the customer service is excellent! "
Marion Connolly - Oct '14

"That's fantastic service!"
Helen Church - Oct '14

"You guys are brilliant and you shall forever have my loyalty for buying fun and bizarre things!"
Brett Sweetman - Oct '14

"Firebox has pretty much the best customer service that I have experienced. Rather an anomaly these days."
Christopher Jon Cole - Oct '14

"Thanks again for the wonderful service. It is so much fun shopping with Firebox as it takes all the tedium out of buying pressies and your confirmations always make me smile . Thanks also for the sweeties in the box. "
Lynne Martin - Oct '14

"I love you all I have been a proud user of for over four years I think, I love it when I get a newsletter via email and a catalogue through my door. It's brilliant how you email your customers back personally, and how enjoyable it is to email you about anything. I will be a valued customer of firebox for along time and whenever I get some new stuff from firebox I show it off. Keep up the outstanding work guys"
Joseph Beck - Oct '14

"Thank you so much for your speed and attention to my order queries! Brilliant customer service by you!"
Sammy Saunders - Oct '14

"I think you're doing a fantastic job guys, really nice site, and love the copywriting in particular, it's a very positive experience using the site, and you deserve all the success you get!"
Mark MCGuiness - Oct '14

"Never seen products like these anywhere else, especially the rum pistol! I'm very impressed with it and feel like I've paid for the amazing quality of the product."
Melissa - Oct '14

"The website is easy to get around, I can find what I need nice and quickly. The products are brilliant and unique. I'm also very fond of the confirmation email, always brings a smile to my face. I'll be back for Christmas!"
Shannon Marshall - Oct '14

"I just wanted to thank you for noticing and taking the time to call to chase my parcel up - I really really do appreciate it. You've given me faith that genuine, decent customer service still exists in this world of 'trying to get blood out of a stone' service and support. "
Vikki Davies - Oct '14

"You guys have been great, I am over the moon with your customer service! I will be recommending firebox to anyone who will listen and will definitely be using you guys again over Xmas!"
Oliver Coghill - Oct '14

"The customer service is exceptional."
Kevin Hernandez - Oct '14

"Awesome customer service you have, by the way. Quick, concise, no messing. In fact, I might go over to Facebook and write something similar there whilst I wait for the kettle to boil."
Lucy Marshall - Oct '14

"I'm seriously impressed by all of it: your creative products, clever packaging, and sense of humor. It's too good to be true."
Particia Callahan - Oct '14

"Massive massive thank you. Your customer service is phenomenal and it is an absolute pleasure dealing with you. If every business had the same approach it would wipe out whole complaint departments. Thank you again... I may even order stuff I don't want or need in the future just for the correspondence alone. "
Roly Todd - Oct '14

"I will say that your confirmation email is the best I have ever received. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :) "
Roly Todd - Oct '14

"Thank you for your brilliant customer service. I think it is first rate."
Sarah Weston - Oct '14

"Awesome customer service, very impressed. Thank you :-)"
Natalie Penson - Oct '14

"Thanks for the excellent customer service."
Murray Clark - Oct '14

"We will most definitely use firebox again as your customer support has been second to none."
Julie Shute - Oct '14

"Firebox team you are pretty amazing! "
Kim Eade - Oct '14

"Thank you very much for the brilliant customer service! :)"
Daniel Arden - Sep '14

"Thank you for your early contact and swift resolution. I would use your service again mainly due to the skills of your customer services team."
Mark Hanratty - Sep '14

"You are the best! Thank you so much. I love the way you guys write/respond. Such a great tone of voice. Salutes all 'round. "
Dani White - Sep '14

"Thank you for being soo helpful with this! It was disappointing that it was broke but your help resolving the issue has been fantastic. It's been great to deal with a company that actually has nice customer service advisors! "
Samantha Parkes - Sep '14

"Thank you so much for your call and email. You've followed this up really well & I can't fault the firebox service! "
Emily Snape - Sep '14

"Thank you very much again, and congratulations on an excellent customer service,Benedicte"
Benedicte Havelange - Sep '14

"Your customer service and communication has been top notch at all times so I've always known what has been going on with this order."
Adrian Dimberline - Sep '14

"Thank you for your great service."
Sonya Graneek - Sep '14

"Very happy with my order will definitely recommend you to friends and family."
Dave Porteous - Sep '14

"I can safely say that your level of customer service has been some of the best I have ever received."
Gavin Belton-Rose - Aug '14

"I love your website so much, I am sure I will be buying lots more (like that sweet Rivendell print), but I wasn't expecting the customer service to be so great. Especially with being so far away. So thank you very much!"
Julianne Berg - Aug '14

"I absolutely love the way you all phrase your emails - it has really brightened up my team's day on many occasion. We do a lot of ordering from different companies but your emails are always the best! It's such a simple little thing to make your confirmation and even password reset emails amusing/quirky, but it really stands out and makes a positive difference."
Laura Marinello - Aug '14

"I just wanted to say thank you for the usual fantastic service I always get from Firebox. Anyway, please pass my compliments up - I know how quick complaints usually travel in comparison - and keep up the wonderful work :-)"
Emma Howard - Aug '14

"Thanks also for your great customer service. It's been a blast."
Melissa Alers - Aug '14

"We have been so impressed by Firebox's customer service. I cannot think of another company that would respond to a problem with such a determination to resolve the issue and ensure that the customer is happy with the outcome. As a company you have always been a pleasure to deal with, so thank you for helping in this instance but also for such a refreshing approach overall. "
Elaine Tyrrell - Aug '14

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