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Customer Reviews

We're committed at to providing you with the latest gadgets, games and cool stuff, as well as making your shopping experience safe, simple and convenient. This includes both your visit to our website and any after sales support. Don't believe us? Well, for the cynics among you, here's a selection of comments made by satisfied customers...

Latest 50 Reviews:

"Thanks also for your great customer service. It's been a blast."
Melissa Alers - Aug '14

"We have been so impressed by Firebox's customer service. I cannot think of another company that would respond to a problem with such a determination to resolve the issue and ensure that the customer is happy with the outcome. As a company you have always been a pleasure to deal with, so thank you for helping in this instance but also for such a refreshing approach overall. "
Elaine Tyrrell - Aug '14

"I am very impressed with your customer service and love the style of your email correspondence."
Sarah Jameson - Aug '14

"I want to compliment your team on excellent customer service and speedy handling of queries."
Kathy Armstrong - Aug '14

"Thanks for this excellent customer service. Although I know that you're customer service is outstanding, I was really pleased with this, quick and helpful."
Rais Lall Mohamed - Aug '14

"I just wanted to say - your service was AMAZING!"
Gemma Tinworth - Aug '14

"What amazing customer service!"
Shelli Green - Aug '14

"I just wanted to thank you for providing an amazing service. Most shops are just plain boring, selling stuff of no interest or importance like food or hygiene products, but you provide a much needed service. Thank you Firebox for being awesome, I know where Iíll end up spending most of my student financing come September"
Alexander Cottingham - Aug '14

"Thank you for your brilliant customer service!"
Fran Rushton - Aug '14

"Surely, this is the best customer service I've ever witnessed."
Rafał Marzec - Jul '14

"As always, fantastic customer service once again from the Firebox team."
Holly Booth - Jul '14

"Your customer service has been really good and I would definitely purchase from Firebox again in future :)"
Kate McElwee - Jul '14

"Keep up the good work at Firebox."
Raymin Othman - Jul '14

"Kudos for the very highest of customer service your company has exhibited."
Phil Duffell - Jul '14

"Thank you for your help - have been very impressed with the levels of customer support from Firebox. "
Greg Dillon - Jul '14

"Thank you very much for such incredible customer service!"
Rhiannon Vallis - Jul '14

"Your customer service has been really good and I would definitely purchase from Firebox again in future."
Kate McElwee - Jul '14

"Just awesome customer service."
Tish Bell - Jul '14

"I will be spreading the word that Firebox has excellent customer service skills. "
Jenny Pursall - Jul '14

"I will continue to use because of the great products and even greater customer service. "
Dave Viska - Jul '14

"Great customer service is very hard to find nowadays, but I know I'm assured of it when I deal with firebox"
Paul Lewis - Jul '14

"I have to say that your assistance in this matter has been first class!"
Lynn Thompson - Jul '14

"You have proved to me that customer care is definitely your number 1 priority"
Lynn Thompson - Jul '14

"Best. Confirm of order email. Ever."
Beth - Jul '14

"Fab website!"
Nick Penny - Jul '14

"I have to say Firebox has the best customer service I've ever had so thank you and the team for that. "
Ashleen Offord - Jul '14

"I have never used you before and now I'm telling all my friends what a great company you are"
Amanda Creedon - Jul '14

"I'll be publishing this thread on my facebook page and blog once the wedding is over, because you've been incredibly generous."
Sara Diss - Jul '14

"You have brightened up my life and that I am still laughing about all the things you are passing on to me"
Debora Quinn - Jul '14

"That is way beyond what I expected. However, I am not at a loss for words, never am. I no longer love you, I want to have your children, even though I can't stand my own. "
Sara Diss - Jul '14

"Wow. What fantastic customer service!!"
Michelle Herbert - Jun '14

"What a wonderful company we will be using your company again and we will recommend it to anybody looking for a quirky gift."
Richard Huddart - Jun '14

"Thanks for this great customer service. You have been brilliant."
George Park - Jun '14

"What outstanding customer service. Truly amazing :-) "
Monica Moxon - Jun '14

"That is AWESOME. Thank you very much for your help."
Cathryn Pritchard - Jun '14

"What amazing customer service! Makes such a refreshing change!"
Renee Gallin - Jun '14

"Thank you very much for sorting this out for me. Great customer service!"
Samantha Knowles - Jun '14

"Thank you for the excellent customer service. Despite the order not going to plan, due to the manner your company has apologised and promptly dealt with the matter I wouldn't hesitate in using Firebox again."
Graham Mayes - Jun '14

"I must compliment the service provided and all the attention given."
Natalia Moreira - Jun '14

"It's been a pleasure buying from your company. Both the service and customer service have been impeccable. Continue being great."
Chelsea Bleasdale - Jun '14

"Thanks for the great service"
Daniel - Jun '14

"Very impressed with the service provided by Firebox"
Aaron Phillips - Jun '14

"I will undoubtedly order from Firebox in the near future."
Rolando Hamilton - Jun '14

"Have to say your customer service is FAB. No quibbles and very polite and friendly."
Catherine Barrett - Jun '14

"You've done it again haven't you, even the way you respond to customers is spot on!"
Jonny Cameron - Jun '14

"I love firebox. I will definitely be ordering more in the near future. Great products and great customer service, very pleased."
Angharad Owen - Jun '14

"Excellent service."
Bill Pilcher - Jun '14

"Thanks a lot for your friendly customer service."
Kevin Ruetschlin - Jun '14

"Such a great professional manner and friendly response! "
Pete Bishop - Jun '14

"Nice guys at Firebox/ Nice."
Jason Kneen - Jun '14

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