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We're committed at to providing you with the latest gadgets, games and cool stuff, as well as making your shopping experience safe, simple and convenient. This includes both your visit to our website and any after sales support. Don't believe us? Well, for the cynics among you, here's a selection of comments made by satisfied customers...

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"Difficult to fault you guys, you're awesome!"
Andi Duncan - Jun '16

"The whole ordering and delivery process was smoother than a unicorns butt. "
Simon - Jun '16

"Excellent transaction with the right level of gentle humour in your communications. Great service. Top notch packaging"
John - Jun '16

"Fun website, great email confirmations and timely product delivery all make for a wonderful gift buying experience."
Pam - Jun '16

"Brilliant website. A truly cornucopia of delights. Ordering, despatch and delivery is Top Notch (less than 24 hours). Excellent!"
Norman B. - Jun '16

"Excellent - I love the random but awesome stuff you have!"
Lisa - Jun '16

"Fantastic. Great website. Really good communication emails."
Michael - Jun '16

"Pretty good overall experience, I love the variety of stuff you have and I could probably spend a fortune on your site."
Ollie - Jun '16

"Excellent service, very unique, super reliable"
Nick - Jun '16

"Excellent service and such a wide range of amazing gift ideas can't wait to come back and order more."
Kyle - Jun '16

"Flawless. Nothing could have been better. I love this website more than I love my wife."
David - Jun '16

"Really impressed. A great product & I really liked the packaging (thanks for the sweets!) & the tone of the emails - a refreshing change!"
Jenny - Jun '16

"1,000,000,000/10 the way the company comes across, its informal the way the emails are set our and your wording makes a change a good one! "
Mark - Jun '16

"I read every sinlge email you sent me as it was way too funny :) I never though I'm gonna read shipping details with a smile on my face :)"
Domonkos - Jun '16

"Firebox never disappoints, it's my Go To website for quirky, unique gifts every time"
Anna - Jun '16

"Funny emails written by someone with a sense of humor which makes a change, love it"
Paul - Jun '16

"Very impressed, easy to use and fast delivery with no hiccups!! "
James - Jun '16

"Im never disappointed by Firebox, the idea of having so many interesting products at a reasonable price makes present buying so easy! Thanks"
Chris - Jun '16

"It was a fun experience! I genuinly love your mails. They made me laugh out loud and made the experience so much better!"
Semra - Jun '16

"Love all the unusual, quirky and hilarious products on Firebox, I'd buy so much more if I could."
Joanna - Jun '16

"Great, fast service. Nice to have a lolly with my order too, thanks guys - will be ordering with you again in the future!"
Harley - Jun '16

"A pleasure as always and super fast delivery"
Angela - Jun '16

"Firebox has an amazing team, fully excited and even good sense of humor. You guys have really cool things in your store. Keep up!"
Abdul Haseeb Khan - Jun '16

"Brilliant service. Loved the emails which are sent makes it an enjoyable experience definitely be buying more products. "
Kirsty - Jun '16

"I love firebox, it's great for unusual gifts and I always recommend it."
Viki - Jun '16

Tania - Jun '16

"I love Firebox, you guys are awesome. "
Samantha - Jun '16

"Very good, the stuff arrived promptly and well packaged. The haribo were a nice touch too!"
Daniel - May '16

"I love this site, all the products are unique and awesome and correspondences from the website always bring a smile to my face."
Francesca - May '16

"Firebox is a great website to order from ad I would always look here for interesting gifts and products! "
Andrew - May '16

"The firebox service was great. Great customer service and fast delivery! Will defiantly use again "
Claire - May '16

"Brilliant service from start to finish. Very funny - packaging, emails etc -it looks like you have a very talented marketing team @ Firebox"
Calum Anderson - May '16

"Great. Super quick shipping and easy ordering. Everything was well packaged. "
Marc - May '16

"Great. Fast delivery and great product and always love the free bag of sweets. :) "
Anthony - May '16

"Very good. Items delivered swiftly and well packaged. Haribo sweets a very nice surprise. Very sturdy box."
Sarah - May '16

"I live in Denver, USA. Absolutely love that you ship overseas. I'll be back. "
Derrick - May '16

"I love the site, the descriptions are hilarious and the products are so different! "
Naomi - May '16

"too many cool stuffs so hard to choose. some items are expensive but i think they are worth the price "
Supriya - May '16

"Customer service brilliant, delivery always prompt and always aware of expected delivery. Products are always true to description."
Laura - May '16

"Whenever I purchase something from Firebox the experience is fantastic."
Holly - May '16

"Great as always: awesome items, fast delivery, and solid packaging. I'll never be stuck for presents."
Amy - May '16

"Fantastic. Can't fault you guys. Arrived quickly and exactly what I was looking for."
Lauren - May '16

"i'll be waiting for when it becomes legal to marry a website."
Josh - May '16

"Wonderful shop, I had a nice treatment and definitely loved the way your emails are written :) keep doing the great work!"
Azahar - May '16

"Excellent service, dispatch was quick and I was regularly updated."
Holly - May '16

"Great! The customer service responded to my questions quickly and with great explanations so I was fully informed and I never misunderstood."
Samantha - May '16

"Fabulous as always. I have had some fantastic things from you over the years, and will continue to spread the firebox word!! "
Penelope - May '16

"Firebox has awesomely unique products and the customer service is beautiful, I love it!!!"
Kelly - Apr '16

"Fast and efficient! "
Joanna - Apr '16

"Loved it. Superb service from start to end. "
Jack - Apr '16

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