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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone


Bored of perfectly folded paper and exquisitely tied ribbon? Why not have your presents CrapWrapped™ at Firebox and let us add that ‘personal’ touch for you. This exclusive and thoroughly slapdash gift wrapping service involves us wrapping your gifts in a disgracefully reckless fashion.
  • Lashings of offensive brown tape riddled with stray (mostly human) hairs
  • Pathetic attempts at folding
  • 40% too little or too much wrapping paper used
  • Wretched rips and tears exposing the surprise underneath

Indeed, it takes a high degree of skill to deliberately wrap a present this poorly, so to confirm its hideous authenticity we slap a genuine CrapWrapped™ label on the completed mess.

It’s so bad, they’ll think you wrapped it!

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