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Wrap-up Tripod

The camera loves it
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Wrap-up Tripod

it's a wrap!

Instead of proper protective cases, most digital cameras come with ineffective sock-type thingies. As for tripods, well, if you want to steady your shots you have to walk around with a whacking great octopus of telescopic tubes or a big blob of Blu Tack. But all this is about to change thanks to the remarkable Wrap-up. It's the ultimate photographic assistant.

Wrap-up Tripod

Easy to fold out legs

This lightweight wraparound protective case features an ultra-slim integrated tripod. Simply unwrap, flip the legs, shoot, then wrap and go. It's easier than yelling 'no, the big silver button on the top!' and the whole shebang is so light and compact your camera barely feels any bigger in your pocket. In fact you won't even know it's there until you need it.

Unlike other portable peripherals, you needn't worry about losing this handy accessory or fumbling around for it in your pockets because it mounts to your camera via its screw-in tripod socket and stays put permanently, even while you take the shot.

Wrap-up Tripod

Talking about taking shots, the die-cast aluminium tripod extends to provide a stable, tilt-adjustable platform for all those self-timer shots, family portraits and piccies where even an ultra-steady hand won't do. You can even rotate it to allow access to your camera's battery or memory card slot.

Crafted in stretchy neoprene with a quick-release Velcro closure, the Wrap-up is so useful cameras look and feel naked without one. Indeed, apart from getting a scantily-clad model to carry your camera and tripod in a mink-lined swimsuit, we can think of no better photographic assistant in the world. That's a wrap!

Wrap-up Tripod

Available in Charcoal or Black

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Please Note:
  • Fits most compact cameras that are no thicker than 2.5cm
  • Case laid flat measures approximately: 22.6cm (L) x 11.9cm (H) x 0.3cm (D)
  • Tripod measures approximately: 9cm (L) x 1.9cm x (W) x 0.5cm (D)