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Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

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Rub it better, drink water, eat more vegetables, come back next week if it hasn’t fallen off... they might have plenty of letters after their name, but sometimes it feels like GPs are just dishing out prescriptions for the bleedin’ obvious.

Well, rather than leaving them to manage your wellbeing, why not take charge of it yourself? With the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor connected to your Apple device you can keep constant tabs on your health, and even compare your readings to recommendations by the World Health Organisation.

Comes with a great app to show the information on

The app displays and stores all the important information

Simply wrap this smart-looking device around your arm, plug it into your iOS device (iPod, iPhone or iPad) and the app will boot up automatically. Follow the onscreen instructions to inflate the cuff and measure your blood pressure in seconds. The app will automatically display your systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse. What’s more it will save all of your readings, so that you can see, week on week or day by day, how you are progressing. It will even plot your results in a curve so you can easily spot trends or spikes.

Upload your results online to Google Health and you can open up even more options for analysis, as well as guidelines and comparisons with WHO recommended figures. So the next time you visit your GP for a check-up, hit them with some fat stats and make their lives easier as well.

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Important Safety Information:
Consult your doctor during pregnancy, arrhythmia and arteriosclerosis. Please read this section carefully before using the blood pressure monitor.

Please Note:
  • iPhone not included
  • Always consult your doctor. Self-diagnosis of measurement results and self treatment are dangerous
  • People with severe blood flow problems, or blood disorders, should consult a doctor before using the blood pressure monitor. Cuff inflation can cause internal bleeding.
  • Operational factors such as common arrhythmias, ventricular premature beats, atrial fibrillation, arterial sclerosis, poor perfusion, diabetes, age, pregnancy, pre-eclampsia or renal disease can affect the performance of the automated sphygmomanometer and/or its blood pressure reading.
  • The device is a digital monitor intended for use in measuring blood pressure and pulse rate in adult patient population with arm circumference ranging from 9 inches to 17 inches (22cm-42cm).
  • This device is not intended to be a diagnostic device. Contact your physician if hypertensive values are indicated.
Product Features:
  • iOS compatible Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Save your results
  • Displays your readings along a timeline
Battery Requirements:
  • 4x AAA Batteries (included)
Technical Specifications:
    Data Collection:
  • Oscillometric measurement
  • Pressure: from 0 to 285 mmHg / Precision ±3mmHg or 2% of the reading
  • Pulse: between 30 and 200 beats a minute. Precision ±5%
  • Automatic inflation and controlled release valve for rapid and reliable measurements
    Personalised Monitoring:
  • Comparisons with benchmark values (OMS)
  • Automatic data saving
  • Exports of curves and results
    Online Connection:
  • Private website secured by password
  • Monitoring blood pressure and pulse
  • Comparisons with benchmark values (OMS)
  • Web browser supported: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • The Withings monitor must be connected to an iOS Device iPhone, iPad, iPod (iOS 3.0 or higher) to function
  • You do not need to be connected to the internet to use the monitor and access its data
  • Access to the online score chart requires Internet connection
    Data Sharing:
  • The option of sharing data in a secure way
  • Ability to make your graphs accessible on a webpage
  • Possibility of automatically posting your blood pressure on Twitter
Download the Manual:
(You will need Adobe Acrobat or other PDF viewer to display) Dimensions:
  • Measures approximately 15cm(H) x 10cm(W) x 14cm(D)