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WiFi Bathroom Scales
WiFi Bathroom Scales
WiFi Bathroom Scales

WiFi Bathroom Scales

One small step for fitness fans…
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White version

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Back in the bad old days, people would weigh themselves using clonkity contraptions counter-balanced by boulders, pebbles and stegosaurus eggs. Okay, they didn’t, but we’ve been too busy playing with this revolutionary set of WiFi Bathroom Scales to research the history of weighing machines.

Man who lost loads of weight using the WiFi Bathroom Scales

Jason Wroe lost a quarter of his body weight using the scales. Read the Daily Mail story

Ultra sleek, this tempered-glass and aluminium gizmo automatically records your weight, fat mass and BMI (body mass index) every time you step on it. But here’s the clever bit: it beams the info to your computer or iPhone over your WiFi connection, so you can track your results wherever you may roam via a password protected website or free iPhone app. You can even sync with Google Health and share your progress (or lack of) via email, Twitter or Facebook. Weigh-hay!

Description Description Description

Step on and it sends the info to your online account via WiFi...

Keep an eye on your weight/fat/BMI

Download the free app for your iPhone to compare at the gym!

The WiFi Scale is also compatible with online coaching programs such as Daily Burn and iPhone apps like RunKeeper and WeightBot. You’ll be so busy monitoring your data you might even forget about those doughnuts in the cupboard. Result!

Black and White versions

L-R: Black and new White version

Ideal for dieters, gym bunnies, athletes or anyone remotely health conscious, the WiFi Scale is a doddle to use, and its accompanying online browser is rammed with handy features. Step on this wafer-thin slice of tech just once and in a matter of seconds your computer will know more about your body than you do. Faced with this easy-to-follow mountain of info you can’t help but be motivated to the max.

Sleek and stylish

Sarah is on the right track now after that little blip in October!

It’s not all about you though. This family-friendly gadget is capable of tracking and storing data for as many as eight users. And get this: it even knows who’s standing on it. No, really. It uses previously recorded data to identify each user. Uncanny or what.

Once you’ve logged into your account you can compare your stats with the ‘ideal’ figures for someone of your age and body type. You can also add notes about your fitness regime and what you’ve eaten each day. It’s as easy as…er, pie. Indeed, if this doesn’t put you on the road to rude health, nothing will. So what are you waiting for? Step on it!

Sleek and stylish

Sleek and stylish design

More info
What is the body mass index (BMI)?
  • This index is simply defined as the weight of an individual divided by the square of his/her height, and is expressed in kg/m2.It is an international standard adopted by the World Health Organization, which allows the risks for health linked to abnormal weight to be evaluated (too low, or excessive).Reference zones, or normality ranges (thinness, normal index, overweight, obesity) are thus established for each level of risk. Generally speaking, a BMI between 18 and 25 defines a weight normality zone, in which the risks of nutrition illnesses are minimal. However BMI is only an indicator, and that it doesn't take an individual's morphology into account. For example major athletes have a high BMI due to their muscular mass, without having any health problems.
Product Features:
  • A high-tech, user-friendly body-scale for accurate measurement of weight, fat mass and lean mass that can track up to 8 users
  • Digital display, automatic user recognition, Wi-Fi connection, online dashboards : the first Smart body-scale
  • Integrated with more than 40 e-health & e-fitness services such as Runkeeper
  • Free Withings web and smartphone applications to help you set your goals and track your weight
  • Keep track of your health, stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals faster
  • Fully integrated with the Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor. All your tracking (weight, fat, lean mass, blood pressure) is available from the same free mobile application for an easy health monitoring.
Product Specifications:
  • Instant weigh-in by getting on the scale
  • Automatically turns on and off Weight
  • Display units : kg, lb, stlb
  • Graduation 0.1 kg (0.2 lbs) - 4 sensors
  • Maximum 180 kg (396 lbs)
  • Body analysis
  • ITO Invisible electrodes
  • Fat mass
  • Lean mass
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Personalized multi-user monitoring
  • Automatic user recognition - up to 8 users
  • Comparison to reference values dictated by doctors
  • Online connection
  • Private website secured by password
  • Monitoring weight fluctuations and fat mass graph
  • Comparison to reference values dictated by doctors
  • Ability to set objectives
  • Web browser supported: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Internet Explorer version 7 or newer, Firefox version 3 or newer)
  • Data sharing (Data can be set to private or shared with the other users of the scale)
  • Ability to make your graphs accessible on a webpage
  • Ability to automatically publish your weight on Twitter
Battery Requirements:
  • 4x 1.5V batteries (AAA) – included
  • Wireless 802.11g
  • Very low power consumption
  • WEP/WPA/WPA2-personal security
  • Approximately 32cm(W) x 32cm(L) x 2.3cm(D)
Box Contents:
  • 1x WiFi scale
  • 4x 1.5V batteries (AAA)
  • 4x carpet feet
  • 1x Installation guide