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The Wattson

Easy on the eye, and on the pocket!

Although saving the planet should be one of your top priorities, saving money probably takes precedence. Unless of course you’re one of those sanctimonious superstars who jets (yes, jets!) around the globe telling us mortals (via power-sapping mega-concerts) that we're destroying the environment.

The Wattson

Oooh... lights!

So wouldn't it be cool if you could do your bit to conserve energy and save some wonga to boot? With Wattson you can do exactly that because this ingenious wireless device displays the amount of electricity being used in your house in real time.

Simply plonk the ultra-stylish Wattson receiver in any room and it displays a running total of the energy you're currently using, in either watts or pounds sterling. Turn off a device - TV, microwave, dishwasher - and watch in shame, awe, wonder and relief as the counter goes down. It's a real eye-opener. We've been sitting in the dark ever since we hooked ours up.

The Wattson

Find your meter

Apply the sensor

Turn on your Wattson

The Wattson


But thats not because we use juicy lightbulbs, it's because Wattson can also communicate info via funky ambient colours. When the lights are blue, energy consumption is low; when they're red, it's high – perfect for educating kids and decadent divvies

The Wattson

Saving money is a bright idea!

Installing Wattson is a doddle: simply clip its transceiver to the wire between your meter and fuse box and you're away. No electrician required. Once you start switching things off and learning how much appliances cost to run, even on standby, you'll be amazed. You'll also think twice before putting the washing machine on to clean a single pair of pants, even if they're your lucky ones.

The Wattson

Communicates with your computer

The USB-friendly Wattson is so clever it can also communicate with your computer. Plug in and you can go online to see how your individual energy savings are making a real difference as part of a collective effort amongst fellow Wattson owners. Brilliant? This whole Wattson concept is elementary!

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Delivery details:
This product can only be delivered to addresses within the EU.

Technical Support:
  • For help or troubleshooting with your Wattson please click here or call 0207 729 7500
Please note:
  • Transmitter is powered by batteries. These batteries should be replaced every 6 months
  • Wattson comes with a UK main adapter and onboard rechargeable battery
  • Facia colour may vary from that shown above
  • Approximately - 17cm (W) x 10.5cm (D) x 5.6cm (H)
    • View how much electricity you are currently using - see if leaving that mobile phone charger turned on actually costs you unnecessary money!
    • Shows electricity usage in two ways, numerical and colours. Cool blue shows small amount of electricity being used, Red for WARNING drastic increase in electricity consumption! Numerical displays in Watts or Pounds per year
    • View your energy consumption over time with the included software (PC&MAC compatible)
    • Connect to The Wattson community and hub and compare your usage - Wattson stores data for up to 4 weeks
    In detail
    • Portable wireless unit allows instant reading of electricity use anywhere in the home
    • Prominent LED digital display, easily readable in all light conditions
    • Instantaneous reading of power consumption for entire premises providing immediate feedback on energy use of appliances
    • Real-time feedback whenever an electrical appliances switches on/off
    • Readings provided in Watts or estimated cost of energy per year
    • User settable currency, $, £ or (EURO SYMBOL)
    • Individuals electricity tariff user settable, allowing for tariff changes
    • Colour changing mood light, which breaths and changes colour proportionally to energy use in the home, proving an intuitive means to understand energy use
    • Ease and simplicity of information provided, minimal and uncomplicated display allows instant understanding
    • Contemporary and sensitive design to compliment any interior
    • Designed for disassemble, to facilitate recycling at end of life
    • UK mains 9Vdc power charger/converter supplied
    • Internal rechargeable battery pack, providing portability around the home
    • Low power mode to extend battery life
    • 5W average power consumption, reducible to <<1W in low power mode
    • Easy to install power sensor, no expert knowledge required.
    • Compatible with single and three phase electrical systems, allowing Wattson to be used in larger houses and also small businesses as well as domestic dwellings.
    • Powered by 4 x AA batteries, supplied.
    • User settable transmission frequency, 3 – 20 seconds, allows extension of battery life or increase in refresh rate.
      History of energy use
    • Electricity use information stored 288 times a day in Wattsons internal memory, providing a detailed history of energy use
    • Data viewed graphically using our free dedicated software, allowing quick understanding of energy use and trends
    • Software PC and MAC compatible
    • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views of energy use
    • Integratable with DIY Kyoto online community to allow comparisons with other Wattson users
Technical Specifications
  • 10KW max per phase
  • 1W resolution of display
  • LED 14 – segment digital display
  • RGB LED full colour ambient light
  • 32kb non-volatile eeprom internal memory
  • 433Mhz transmitter / receiver, 100ft range
  • 3 – 20 second refresh rate, user selectable
  • 3 – 6 month battery life (Sensor)
  • Up to 3 month battery life (Display)
  • USB 1.0 or higher
  • USB-A to USB mini-A cable
  • Currency selectable: £. $, EURO
  • Casings made from Polycarbonate, Polyvinyl and ABS
  • Display: 105mm X 170mm x 55mm
  • Transmitter: ?mm x ?mm x ?mm
  • Software Mac/PC compatible
Box contents:
  • Transmitter - Clips around one of the two wires running by the electricity meter and fuse box. It can be installed in seconds without the need for an electrician.
  • Wattson - needs to be within 30 metres of the sensor to work, roughly a three floored building Software - for PC and Mac
  • AC Power Adapter