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Waka Waka Solar Powered Lamp and Charger

Here comes the sun, Waka Waka
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The most efficient solar lamp in the whole world
40 hours of lamp light from a single day of sunlight
Charge your mobile devices on the go
Lightweight, rugged and portable
Free UK Delivery Over £100
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The Waka Waka is the most efficient solar lamp in the world. The whole planet. That's pretty special.

Equipped with a ludicrously capable solar cell, just leave the Waka Waka out in the sunlight to soak up a few rays and when night falls it will provide you with a retina-popping 40 hours of light. It's the perfect lamp for a long (incredibly long) midnight read and there'll be no more scrabbling around a pitch black tent looking for that damned toothbrush. Use the one large central button to scroll through four increasing brightness levels as well as a useful (but hopefully never used) SOS signal.

Lightweight and portable, with an innovative fold-down stand that allows the free-standing Waka Waka to be attached to the top of a bottle or even hung from a ceiling hook. Not only is the Waka Waka a powerful lamp but you can also use it to fully replenish the battery of your mobile phone (or other USB powered device) and it'll still have the stamina to pump out a few more hours of bright light.

Armed with an automatic energy-saving mode and 4 LED battery indicator, you can be sure that you're never short of juice in the tank. And don't worry if you haven't the patience to wait for the Waka Waka to power up in the sun, you can also charge it in just a few hours via the mains or your computer – though this isn't nearly as fun.

With its friendly-face features and exceptional solar charging capabilities, the Waka Waka is the perfect companion for campers and adventurers alike.

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Please Note:
  • May attract jealousy from less efficient devices
Product Features:
  • The most efficient solar lamp in the world (22% efficiency Sunpower cell)
  • 40 hours of light from a single day of sunlight
  • Scroll through four increasing levels of brightness with one button
  • Made of recyclable and ruggedised ABS
  • Fully charge mobile devices (in approx. 2 hours) and still have hours of light to spare
  • 4 battery level indicator LEDS
  • Auto energy saving mode
  • Measures approximately 12cm(W) x 8cm(H) x 2cm(D)
  • Weighs approximately 200g