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VTraveller Skype Phone

Make free phone calls on the move
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There are several ways to communicate with friends and colleagues when you're travelling. Shouting very loudly is one option, but it's pretty useless unless the person you're trying to contact is within spitting distance. So what do you do? No, you don't pack two tin cans and a really long bit of string. You use the phone. The problem is, contrary to the popular saying, talk is not cheap. But it is if you use the ingenious Skype-friendly VTraveller. That's because this chic little phone allows you to make quality VoIP calls wherever you may roam.

VTraveller For anyone who's spent the past couple of years with their head in a barrel of tar, Skype is a simple bit of software that utilises VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. This lets you use your computer to make free calls to other Skype users and obscenely low cost calls to regular landlines and mobiles all over the world. How? Well, in a nutshell it digitally converts your voice through your internet connection (broadband is best) and on to its final destination. Clever, eh?

VTraveller But what's so good about the VTraveller, we hear you ask. Well, this stylish mobile-lookalike is a fully functional USB-powered phone that works in exactly the same way as our other VoIP handsets. The difference is it's a compact one-piece unit that you can take anywhere. Just pop in the Skype CD, plug the VTraveller into your computer's USB socket, and Bob's your uncle. It's easier than, er, picking up the phone!

VTraveller Despite its supreme portability the VTraveller is crammed with features including an LED message/connection indicator, one click voicemail, voice recognition technology and wideband circuitry for crystal clear sound. Best of all you can navigate all of Skype's services via the VTraveller's keypad, so there's no need to faff around with fiddly laptop mouse thingies.

VTraveller Apart from a James Bond briefcase full of flat-packed supermodels, we can think of no better travelling companion than the VTraveller, as it allows you to natter away for nothing wherever you may roam. But even if you're not going anywhere the VTraveller is a brilliant investment, because it's so gorgeously compact you can shove it in a drawer when you're not using it - which won't be very often, because once you start Skype-ing on the VTraveller you'll be hooked.

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Please note:
Unfortunately our free 30 minute promotion with Skype has come to an end, therefore the voucher supplied in the box is not redeemable.

VTraveller Technical Support: Please call 0161 925 7537

  • Superior sound quality: Natural-sounding call
  • MP3 quality sound: Wideband circuitry for improved, clearer sound
  • Connection Status: LED indicates when in a call
  • Message Waiting Indicator: LED indicates when messages have been received
  • One click Voicemail: Simply press the LED to collect the Voicemail message
  • Keypad dialling: Use and navigate Skype's services direct from the handset
  • Personalise ringing tones: Download WAV / MP3 files for individual ring tones
  • PC sound card not required: Provides an extra sound channel
Skype integration:
  • Desktop icon displays VTraveller and Skype status
  • A voice prompts, "Who would you like to Skype?" and voice recognition call when you say the name of your Skype contact.
  • Dial / redial SkypeOut numbers direct from the keypad
  • Adjust call volume and mute calls from the handset
  • Use the volume keys to scroll through Skype contact lists when not
  • LED illuminates when Skype Voicemail message is waiting – press
  • Phone rings when calls are received – personalise ring tones with
  • LED flashes when incoming calls are received
  • Place Skype calls on hold when something important comes up
Package contents:
  • 1 x VTraveller handset
  • 1 x Portable carry case
  • 1 x CD ROM with Skype software
  • 1 x Quickstart User Guide
System requirements:
  • 400MHz Processor (CPU)
  • 128MB RAM
  • 150MB free hard disk space
  • Available USB port or a hub with external power supply (USB 1.1 or 2.0)
  • PC with Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP
  • CD-ROM drive installed
Technical specifications:
  • USB 1
  • Drivers supplied for Windows 98 SE, Windows 98 ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP

Size dimensions:
  • Handset: Approximately 5cm (W) x 12.5cm (T) x 2.3cm (D)
  • USB Cable: Approximately 1.8m (L)
  • Case: Approximately 14cm (W) x 3cm (T) x 8.5cm (D)
Please note:
2 Years limited manufacturers hardware warranty

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