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V-Beat Drumsticks

Drumming in the air tonight?
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V-Beat Drumsticks


Nothing beats bashing seven bells out of a drumkit. It's the most satisfyingly primeval musical experience known to man. Unfortunately drumkits are cumbersome and expensive. And unless you've got a team of roadies, they're about as portable as anvils tied to battleship chains. But who needs a drumkit when you can create percussive pandemonium with the V-Beat Air Drum.

V-Beat Drumsticks


Comprising a pair of motion-sensitive sticks attached to an electronic 'brain', this nifty set up allows all you Bonham wannabes to indulge in a bit of crash, bang wallop without a drumkit. Yes, really. Simply hit the air where the respective drums and cymbals would be if you were sitting at a traditional kit and you'll hear the corresponding snare, tom or cymbal. Ka-boom-chi! You even get a pair of foot sensors for some bass drum/hi-hat action. Just attach them to your shoes and kick away.

V-Beat Drumsticks

Drumstick positioning

V-Beat Drumsticks

Foot pedal

The main unit comes preloaded with three melodies to jam along to, and there's also a free-play mode and fill-in mode. Keep practising and you'll be playing that tom fill from In the Air Tonight before you can say 'yes, but why a gorilla?' What's more you can choose between four drumkits: acoustic, electronic, pots and pans and ethnic (at least we think that's what they are).

V-Beat Drumsticks


It doesn't matter if you're a complete novice with the rhythmic ability of Sooty's mate Sweep, or a proficient skin-basher in need of a portable rehearsal device, the V-Beat Air Drum is ideal. Of course it goes without saying you'll look like a total headcase bashing away at thin air, but if you've ever tried setting up a full-on set of drums you won't care. So go on, give it some stick. Boom-boom!

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V-Beat Drumsticks


Please Note:
  • For ages 8-16yrs
Battery Requirements
  • 4x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Drum base approximately 7.5cm(H) x 12.5cm(W) x 3cm(D)
  • Drum sticks approximately 38.5cm(H) x 2cm(W) x 2cm(D)
  • Box approximately 26cm(H) x 43cm(W) x 6.5cm(D)
  • Connection to MP3 player
  • Virtual reality drum beats
  • Three play modes
    • Free style (free playing)
    • Easy go (play pre-programmed rhythms)
    • Pop academy (guided learning step by step)