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USB VHS Converter

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USB VHS Recorder

Plugs into your PC!

We all know VHS tapes were rubbish. Dodgy tracking, limited lifespan, noisy spools, below par quality…we could go on. So we will. Bulky, clunky, fragile, ridiculously slow to rewind - the list is truly endless. But for all its faults, VHS was the leading video format for almost thirty years. And that's why you've got stacks of tapes languishing in the loft and piled up in the cupboard. And that's why you need the brilliant USB VHS Converter.

USB VCR Converter

Plug USB cable into USB VHS Converter and then into your PC

Insert a VHS tape

Open EZ VHS Converter software and press the Record button!

This idiot-proof video player allows you to convert long-forgotten VHS video recordings into pristine digital files. So you can cringe at your shoulder pads in those homemade vids, laugh at Arfur's antics in Minder, marvel at Wogan's hair-don't (course you videoed Eurovision) and sing along to the Shake 'n' Vac ad, without cracking out your soon to be obsolete VCR.

USB VHS Recorder

Converts straight from a 8mm video camera to your PC. You can even connect it to your TV and use as a standard video player!

Simply plonk in a tape, press play and leave the rest to this USB-friendly machine. It doesn't matter if you want to watch reinvigorated recordings on your computer, iPod, PSP or DVD because the included conversion software caters for stacks of formats. Just think, whilst smug commuters watch their latest downloads on the bus, you could be watching (through your fingers) Henry Kelly patronising the Belgian contestant on Going for Gold. Again. Brilliant!

USB VHS Recorder

Get converting now!

As well as its incredible ability to amalgamate declining technology with cutting edge jiggery-pokery, the USB VHS Converter can be used as a regular VCR. Just plug it into your telly's scart socket. And when visiting friends snigger at that front-loading flap, you can fire up your iPod and show them a converted video of Bradley Walsh hanging tough on Celebrity Gladiators. Touché.

Once you've successfully archived your VHS library the only thing left to do is bin those cumbersome tapes. Just make sure you stomp on 'em before heading to the dump. After all, you wouldn't want anyone to find out you'd gone over the final episode of Eldorado with Mallet's Mallet, would you?

USB VHS Recorder

Complete with fool-proof software

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USB VHS Recorder
  • Convert VHS tapes to digital files to view on PCs, iPods, PSPs, DVD and other media players
  • Includes Easy Video Conversion software to customise movies and burn DVDs
  • Software allows you to take still images from videos
  • Capture video at resolutions up to 720 x 576
  • Can convert videos from camcorder to PC, via AV sockets on the front of the device
  • Works as a regular VHS player for TV playback
  • Auto-tracking, variable speed slow motion, playback, and rewind
  • USB output
  • Scart output
  • Auto tracking and tape playback
  • Soft touch backlit buttons
  • Software has a trimming feature
  • Frame storage JPG 768x576 pixels
  • LP (Long Play) mode a 90 minute movie will require approximately 2.7 GB of free space
  • iPod conversion available in 320x240 or 640x480 resolution
  • A typical 90 minute movie at 320x240 will be approximately 740MB
Box Contents:
  • 1x USB VHS Converter
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x EZ VHS Converter software
  • 1x UK Mains power cable
System Requirements:
  • Windows XP/Vista compatible
  • One free USB 2.0 port
  • EZ VHS Converter software is NOT Mac compatible
  • Measures: 37cm(L) x 8.4cm(W) x 24.1cm(H)
Technical Support:
  • Please call 01252 353 850 for any technical support questions.