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USB Mix Tape

The memory stick that thinks it's a tape

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USB Mix Tape
Back in the last century when audio cassettes ruled the world, people would spend hours compiling mix tapes. For all you whippersnappers too young to recall the days of wobbly spools and mangled tape, this involved recording a selection of tunes on a blank cassette and then presenting it to a friend or loved one. If you were really dedicated you even scribbled the track order on the box. Good eh? But why reminisce, because now you can do it the Noughties way with the brilliant USB Mix Tape.

USB Mix Tape
This 64MB memory stick sits in a cool presentation case that looks just like an ancient cassette. Simply USB the stick into your computer, drag in a selection of songs then bung it in the suitably tired-looking faux cassette. You can then write the track-listing on the highly evocative paper insert. It's just like the good old days, only this time your compilations won't include annoying interruptions from Peter Powell, long gaps between tracks or bits where your dad mumbles 'testing, testing, one, two, three' over a Human League song.

USB Mix Tape

Add your own songs to the USB stick

Place the stick inside the tape gift pack and add your message and playlist

Give it to someone you love!

USB Mix Tape
Ideal for nostalgia freaks, you can almost smell the hair gel and hear the sound of the top 40 countdown the second you clap eyes on this hi-tech slice of history. It's like CDs never happened. Of course the major advantage is that your recordings will be in crystal clear digital format, not hissy old tape. Result!

USB Mix Tape

USB Mix Tape

6 different designs to collect!

USB Mix Tape

What a great gift!

A brilliant pressie for anyone who remembers doing the old rec+play finger stretch routine, the USB Mix Tape is the gift that keeps on giving, as recipients can bung new stuff on there as and when. Then again you could do that with blank tapes, couldn't you? Hmmm... Look, the point is this is infinitely more original than a common or garden memory stick, plus you can personalise it to suit, so just hurry up and buy one or we'll send DLT round to get you!

More info
USB Mix Tape
Please note:
  • Tape is made of cardboard folded up
  • Tape designs are chosen at random.
  • Works on both PC and Mac.
  • 64MB memory stick.
  • Stores up to one hour of music, just like a C60 Cassette.
  • Tape measures approximately 6.5cm(H) x 10cm(W) x 1cm(D)
  • USB stick measures approximately 4.5cm(H) x 1.5cm(W) x 0.7cm(D)