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USB Guitar Link

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USB Guitar Link

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Let's face it, the electric guitar is by far the coolest weapon in the rock 'n' roll armoury. The trouble is you need a whole host of amps and stomp boxes to make it sound any good. And that's no problem when you're touring the globe with an army of roadies. However, it's a bit of a pain in the axe when you just want to play and record at home. That's why the clever people at Behringer have created the amazing USB Guitar Link.

USB Guitar Link

This ingenious bit of quality kit will transform your PC or Mac into a sophisticated amp, effects deck and 16-track recording system - no roadies, tech-heads or additional hardware required. Simply plug in your guitar, load the software and you're ready to rock...or pop, or jazz, or disco, or whatever else floats your boat.

USB Guitar Link

In a nutshell the idiot-proof USB Guitar Link acts as an interface between your trusty plank and your computer, giving you the best of both worlds. You can jam and record your plucking genius using the included Audacity software and Kristal 16-track production program. The nifty software can even slow down the music files on your computer for easy learning/practice. It's like having an entire studio squeezed in your house.

Bundled software includes:

USB Guitar Link

Guitar Combo 1

Guitar Combo 2

Guitar Combo 3

Best of all you can recreate some of the greatest guitar sounds without buying hundreds of amps and effects decks because the software features various virtual combos that sound just like the real deal - from British pop to crunchy blues and meaty metal. Whether you're blasting out your licks via speakers or listening in via headphones, the USB Guitar Link is a truly inspiring practice tool.

USB Guitar Link

USB Guitar Link

Connect ¼" jacks

If any of you purists out there are reading this and twiddling your machine heads in disdain, all we can say is enjoy fiddling with your pre-amp for umpteen hours, tripping over your pedal boards and endlessly tweaking your cumbersome mixing desk. KERRANG!!

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Please note:
  • Plug in your favourite guitar and turn your PC or Mac into a guitar amp and recording system without the need for any other hardware!
  • USB Guitar Link measures approximately - 5cm(W) x 9.5cm(H) x 2cm(D)
  • USB cord measures approximately - 140cm
Box Contents:
  • 1x USB Guitar Link
  • 1x Software CD
  • 1x Guitar Link Manual
Included Software:
  • Native Instruments Guitar Combo I, II & III (PC/Mac)*
  • Kristal Audio Engine (PC)
  • Audacity (PC/Mac)
  • Behringer USB Audio Driver

  • * Fully functional demo versions of all three combos are included on the CD. These all offer the same features as the full versions but will only run for the first 30 days after installation. You can use the included coupon ID to download the serial number to get the GUITAR COMBO of your choice FOR FREE!
Minimum Computer Requirements:
  • PC - Windows XP, 700MHz, 256MB RAM
  • Mac - Mac OS X 10.3.x, G4 733MHz, 512MB RAM