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Twister Beach Towel

Twisting by the pool
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Twister Beach Towel

Beach party!

There are loads of ways to have fun on the beach - you can play volleyball, do a bit of 'talent-spotting', nod off whilst pretending your cupped-hand is a JCB digger or even kick sand in the face of a nine-stone weakling. But now, thanks to the ingenious Twister Beach Towel, you can play the limb-mangling classic, Twister.

Twister Beach Towel

Inflatable waterproof dice

This brilliant version of everyone's favourite 'oo-er-missus' game is ideal for pool parties, picnics, days on the beach or any other summery scenario you'd care to think of, because the playing area is a large, 100% cotton beach towel. So now you can have a scream manoeuvering your extremities and getting a faceful of thingamabob without getting sand in your swimwear. This colourful game/drying system even comes with inflatable waterproof dice.

Twister Beach Towel

Great on sand or grass!

Just think of the attention you'll attract when you unfurl your colourful Twister Beach Towel. Whether you're beside the seaside or down the park, scantily-clad sun worshippers will be begging to join in. (It happens to us all the time…and then we wake up). But forget about fantasies, Twister is a classic whichever way you slice it. And that's hardly surprising because it allows players to get up close and personal with each other. In fact, when Twister was launched back in the swinging sixties critics renamed it 'sex in a box'. Crumbs!
Twister Beach Towel
Twister Beach Towel

Unfold and inflate - it's great!

The dual-purpose Twister Beach Towel is an ideal holiday companion, especially if your trip involves a bit of drinking. As well as improving flexibility and reducing inhibitions, alcohol is a recognised giggle-enhancer and blighter of balance. Throw in a bit of sunshine, some sandy cossies and a confused cluster of hot bodies and you're looking at the best poolside/beach game ever created. Buckets and spades? Bah!

More info
  • Suitable from 3yrs - 16yrs
  • Dimensions:
    • Towel approximately 128cm x 158cm
    • 1 x Twister Towel
    • 1 x Inflatable Dice