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The Ultimate Festival Kit

Lemme hear you say ‘yeah!’
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All you could ever need for a festival!

Festivals used to be all about warm beer, loud music, squelchy mud, random snogs, spaced-out hippies and gazillions of smelly fans. Oh yes, and more warm beer. Hold on…they still are. And that’s why you need the Ultimate Festival Survival Kit.

Brought to you by two ingenious festival veterans, this 100% cotton drawstring bag weighs in at only 845 grams, yet it contains everything you need to enjoy your summer festival of choice – and with more than 375 shindigs to choose from over the coming months, we’ll assume you’re going to at least one.

Silver emergency blanket close-up

Emergency blanket to stay warm

Rammed with 18 mini essentials, the Ultimate Festival Survival Kit is set to become your constant companion as you strut your stuff in a sea of writhing music fans. Or pass out comatose in your rain-battered tent.

There’s lip balm, a PVC poncho, pocket-size tissues, face wipes, a tube of SPF30 sunscreen, a powerful keychain torch, toilet seat covers, anti-bacterial hand gel, a travel toothbrush with paste, chewing gum, an emergency blanket, a mini first-aid kit, a glow in the dark whistle (handy for ravers stuck in a timewarp) and travel size shower gel and shampoo. Phew!

2 condoms in each kit

Stay safe with these condoms

We’ll even throw in a couple of condoms for you to snigger at and blow up when you inevitably fail to pull, and two pairs of ear plugs to deaden the godawful racket generated by whichever band decides to suffer from ‘exhaustion’ on the day. They really have thought of everything. All you need is a ticket and you’re sorted.

Whether you’re feeling the love at Glasto, doing that silly devil sign at Download or looking for your mum at V Fest, this handy survival kit will deliver you from dry lips, bad breath, smelly armpits, burnt cheeks and much more. In fact the only thing it won’t do is make Pete Doherty’s set sound any good. And that’s where the aforementioned warm beer comes in. Cheers!

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Canvas Bag Contains:
  • 1x PVC poncho (green or blue), reusable and durable
  • 1x SPF30 Suncreen, 29ml
  • 1x BeeKind® Shampoo, 30 ml
  • 1x BeeKind® Anti-Stress Shower Gel, 30ml
  • 1x Pack of Pocket-size Tissues
  • 2x Pairs of Moldex® Spark Ear Plugs in Pocket Pack
  • 1x SPF15 Natural Lip Balm
  • 1x Pack of 15 MyWipes
  • 1x LED keychain torch
  • 1x 6" GlowStick
  • 1x Travel Toothbrush with Paste
  • 1x Chewing Gum
  • 2x Condoms
  • 1x Asseptgel Anti-bacterial Hand Gel, 59ml
  • 1x Pack of 10 Toilet Seat Covers
  • 1x Emergency Blanket
  • 1x Mini First-Aid Kit
Please Note:
  • Canvas Bag Material: 100% unbleached cotton
  • Colour: Natural
  • Closure: drawstring with black plastic stopper
Please Note:
  • Bag Size: 20 x 32cm