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We’ve all warmed our cockles with an Irish Coffee (if you haven’t, give it a try. Your cockles will thank you), but why has no one ever tried doing the same with tea? In truth, they have. But it’s a taste sensation akin to dropping a battery in a pint of Guinness and drinking the whole lot through a weasel. Which is a shame, because some of us feel the same way about coffee.

But fear not, tea huggers. Tatratea is set to redress this blatant java favouritism. Named after the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia where it originated, this powerful liqueur is based on black tea with fruit and herb extracts. Enjoy it chilled over ice, mixed in a cocktail or better yet, swirled into your favourite hot tea. It’s a brilliant secret weapon in any mixologist’s arsenal and a tasty way to warm up on a chilly winter’s day.

3 varieties available

Available in 3 varieties (from L-R): White, Citrus and Original

Enjoy the full tea hit with Tatratea Original, the slightly more restrained Tatratea White (an infusion of peaches and white tea) or the more fruity Tatratea Citrus. These heady infusions have been receiving all sorts of international acclaim, the only question that remains is why we tea-loving Brits didn't think of it first...

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Please Note: Product Features:
  • Liqueur based on black tea with fruit and herb extracts
  • Enjoy chilled as a shot, hot in a tea, or mixed in a cocktail
  • Created in Slovakia
  • Each bottle: 0.7 litres
  • 3x different types available:
    • Citrus (ABV: 32%): distinctly citrussy flavour with a fruity tea aroma
    • White (ABV: 42%): white tea and peach favours with a fruity tea aroma
    • Original (ABV: 52%): sophisticated tea flavours