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Tangent Quattro WiFi Alarm Radio

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Tangent Quattro WiFi Alarm Radio: Red

Wake up to the world!

Internet radio rules. In fact it's beginning to make regular radio look rather passé. But who can be bothered lugging their computer around the house in order to listen to all those lovely stations? Not us, and especially not in the morning. That's why we love the Tangent Quattro WiFi Alarm Radio.

This chic, idiot-proof radio links to any wireless network, giving instant access to over 6000 radio stations from around the world. You don't even need to turn on your computer or pay any subscription fees.

Tangent Quattro WiFi Alarm Radio

Thousands of global stations available!

Better still you can search for your global ear-candy by location and genre - from Australia to Azerbaijan, rock to reggae, Brazil to Belgium, classical to country. And you can wake up to a bloke from Bondi Beach one day, or some Taiwanese traffic expert the day after that. (Well, you never know).

Tangent Quattro WiFi Alarm Radio

Snooze button

The point is the world is your oyster. And station surfing is almost as much fun as actually listening. (Although those German stations really should lay off the Hasselhoff tracks). As well as giving access to the wonderful world of internet radio, the plug and play Quattro can wirelessly stream the audio files trapped on your computer, and it will even queue playlists. What's more you can plug in your MP3 player and use this gorgeously-built box of tricks as a stand-alone speaker.
Tangent Quattro WiFi Alarm Radio

Stream music from your computer!

Needless to say, all of the above would be pretty useless if the Quattro didn't cut the mustard in the sound department, so thank goodness it does. In fact, its 3" driver is capable of producing some seriously crisp sonics. Even the aforementioned Hasselhoff tracks sounded amazing during our exhaustive trials.

With its incredible list of features it's easy to forget that the Quattro is also an alarm clock with a snooze function. And believe us, foreign voices and faraway stations are far more effective waker-uppers than regular alarms. Speaking of waking up, it's about time you did - to the amazing Tangent Quattro WiFi Alarm Radio.

Tangent Quattro WiFi Alarm Radio

Available in different colours (Back row): White, Walnut.
(Front row): Black, Red

More info
Tangent Quattro WiFi Alarm Radio
Please Note:
  • Requires broadband internet connection and wireless router
  • The Tangent acquires internet radio from the wireless router, not the computer, therefore you do not need a computer for it to work!
Press Awards:
  • What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision: 5 Stars
  • Wi-Fi internet radio
  • Alarm clock
  • Stream music from your pc
  • FM Radio
  • Connect your mp3 player
  • Store six of your favourite stations
Technical Details:
  • Connection: 802.11b/g
  • Security: WEP or WPA1 (TKIP)
  • File Formats: Real Audio, MP3, Windows Medai Streams, OGG Vorbis, AAC, WAV, AIFF or AU
  • Max Power: 5 Watts RMS
  • Speaker: 3" full range
  • Frequency range: 80Hz - 20,000Hz
  • Ethernet RJ45 port
  • Input: Aux 3.5mm
  • Mains Powered
Package Contents:
  • 1x Tangent Quattro WiFi Alarm Radio
  • 1x AC Mains Adapter
  • 1x 3.5mm Stereo Miniplug
  • 1x User Manual
  • Product - approximately 21cm(W) x 11cm(H) x 14.5cm(D)
  • Packaging - approximately 34cm(W) x 17.5cm(H) x 19cm(D)