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TV Poltergeist Prank Device

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Handy little device

Handy little device

Playing childish pranks is fine but messing with someone’s TV just isn’t funny. It’s flippin’ hilarious! Especially when said TV starts turning itself on and off at random intervals, 24/7. Grrrr!

Yes indeed japesters, the TV Poltergeist Prank Device is the most hysterically cruel thing to hit the world of television since Keith Chegwin decided to entertain the nation by getting his knackers out on Naked Jungle, and it’s guaranteed to drive your victims bonkers.

Hide it in the sofa

Hide it in the sofa

Simply hide this evil box of battery-operated naughtiness near the telly, point the LED towards the screen and watch in malevolent glee as it switches the gogglebox on and off at random intervals every 5-10 minutes, day and night, for weeks on end. It’s like playing host to a hateful poltergeist only far more annoying. ‘He beats two defenders, he shoots, he…’ Tee-hee! ‘And the winner is…’ Aargh! ‘The baby’s real father is…’ Whimper!

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Please Note:
  • Point the transmitter towards the screen
  • Watch it switch the TV on and off at random intervals every 5-10 minutes
Battery Requirements:
  • Requires 3x AA batteries (not included)