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T-Shirt Folder

Cross your tees
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T-Shirt Folder

Unfold the T-Shirt Folder

Baking cakes, playing on the Xbox, chasing a Frisbee around the park... all infinitely more exciting ways to spend your time than folding your laundry. So why not free up some much needed (and well deserved) leisure time and fold your T-shirts the easy way? Designed by serial innovators SUCK UK, the T-Shirt Folder makes tidying up your tees a total breeze.

Just place the carboard mat on a table or flat surface. Lay one of your loose T-shirts on top and you’re ready to fold. The clever grooves in the T-Shirt Folder let you flip both sides of your T-shirt inwards, one after the other. A final third fold brings the base of your T-shirt in line with the neck. And that’s it! All of a sudden your loose and ungainly T-shirt is a neat and tidy package, ready to put away – or leave out for people to admire.

T-Shirt Folder

Place your T-shirt in the middle

T-Shirt Folder

Fold over the sides one at a time

T-Shirt Folder

Finish by folding the middle

T-Shirt Folder

A perfect folded T-shirt every time

Best of all, the T-Shirt Folder itself folds up neatly, so it’s easy to store out of sight. Anyone admiring your handiwork and dazzling folding skills will be none the wiser. So much for working hard – work smart instead!

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T-Shirt Folder

Folds up for easy storage

Please Note:
  • T-shirt not included
Product Features:
  • T-Shirt Folder with printed instructions
  • Conveniently folds up to be stored in your wardrobe when not in use
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Unfolded measures approximately 69cm(W) x 81.4cm(H) x 0.2cm(D)
  • Weighs approximately 284g