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Star Wars Anakin Lightsaber Lamp

The Force is strong with this one
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Whatever you think about Anakin Skywalker there can be no doubt that he possessed one item that was cool beyond compare. No, not his rat-tail hairdo, we’re talking about his lightsaber. But how does the sophisticated Star Wars fan pay tribute to this awesome weapon without looking daft. Easy, just flick on the Awesome Lightsaber Lamp.

Fashioned to resemble the lightsaber that successfully out-acted Hayden Christensen in the Star Wars prequels, this gorgeously crafted 26” table lamp boasts an eye-catching stem that is an exact replica of the gleaming hilt of Anakin’s trusty weapon of choice.


Do not fear the Dark Side
with this Jedi lamp

detail of handle

Replica of the lightsaber carried by Anakin Skywalker

lamp design projected on wall

Laser cut design projects
onto the wall

Just to hammer home its out-of-this-world credentials the Awesome Lightsaber Lamp comes complete with a stylish 12” shade featuring laser-cut perforations depicting the iconic emblem of the Jedi Knights. It really is the perfect gift for grown-up Star Wars fans with an eye for geek/chic interior design.

Put this beautifully crafted lamp on a table and guests will be impressed, most impressed, guaranteed. Yes, we realise that’s a corruption of an Empire-era Vader quote but we can’t remember any decent Anakin ones. Hold on, how about ‘I do not fear the Dark Side as you do’? Okay, so it’s not as good as Anakin’s post Mustafar musings but it’s really rather apt because banishing the Dark Side is what the Awesome Lightsaber Lamp is all about. Phwoosh!

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Please Note:
  • Light bulb not included
Product Features:
  • Table lamp based on the lightsaber carried by Anakin Skywalker
  • Laser-cut shade features the emblem of the Jedi Knights on three sides
  • Designed for use with up to 100-watt light bulb
  • Suitable for bayonet bulbs
  • Lamp measures approximately 64cm(H)
  • Shade measures approximately 30cm(W)