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Spin Me

Spin. Read. Obey. Phwoar!
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You spin me right round baby!

You spin me right round, baby!

We’ve all played Spin the Bottle so what’s so great about this version? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a bit naughty. Interested? You should be because Spin Me is one of the most entertaining, provocative, phwoar-blimey games we’ve played in ages.

The idea is to place the elegant ceramic bottle on its side and give it a twirl. When the bottle stops, whoever it’s pointing at must pull out one of several ‘Adventure Strips’ and perform the required task.

Elegant white ceramic bottle

Filled with provocative adventure strips to spice up your evening

You might have to pretend you’re a stranger and introduce yourself with a new name (using your first pet’s name as your first name and your first address as your surname), then lean in for a random kiss. Crikey!

Other dares include starting a pillow fight, tickling and more. You may even be asked to leave the room and change one thing about yourself (part your hair, pull off your pants, take out an earring) then ask your partner/other players to discover what’s changed. If they fail you must make the same change to them.

Elegant white ceramic bottle

Elegant white ceramic bottle

It’s like being at a suburban dinner party circa ’75 without the kaftans and bubbling fondues. Okay, it’s not quite up there with ‘keys in the ashtray’, but if you and your partner are looking for something worth staying in for, Spin Me is just the ticket. Think of it as Spin the Bottle with added oomph. Throw in a few more willing participants and you could have a proper oo-er-missus lovefest on your hands.

A great game for Valentine’s Day, nights in, dinner soirees and coach trips to Margate (hmmm, maybe not), Spin Me is set to be the Noughties version of… er, well, we’re not really sure, and we’re certainly not going to ask our parents. Go on, give it a twirl. We dare ya!

Perfect romance gift

The perfect romance gift!

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Beautiful Gift Box
Please Note:
  • Recommended Age: 18 years and over
  • Elegant custom white ceramic bottle and letter pressed coaster
  • Contains 12 provocative Adventure Strips to guide your play
  • Instructions included
  • Great for two - or more, if you dare!
Example strips:
  • “Start a pillow fight – gently, but without warning. If there are no pillows handy, tickling will surfice”
  • “Leave the room and change one subtle thing about yourself. (You could part your hair on the other side, take out an earring, apply fragrance, take off an article of clothing...) When you return, ask your partner to discover what’s changed. If they can’t, make the same change to them.”
  • “For 5 minutes, pretend you’ve never met before. Introduce yourselves with new names – your first pet’s name as your first name and the street address you first lived on as your surname. At the 5 minutes mark lean in for your first kiss”
  • “Lie next to your partner without touching and whisper a secret into their ear – share something about yourself that they don’t know and wouldn’t guess”
How To Play:
  • Spin - Place the bottle on its side between the players and take turns giving it a whirl
  • Read - When it stops, the player that the bottle has chosen picks it up, draws a chit (no peeking) and reads the instructions aloud.
  • Obey - The bottle knows best
  • Repeat - Until all the chits have been removed from the bottle….or until you get distracted
  • How do you win? – There are only winners here
  • Can we play with more than two people? - Do you dare?
  • What if the isn’t pointing directly at one of the players? - If the bottle isn’t pointing directly at any player than the bottle has chosen the player closest to where it is pointing
  • What if I don’t want to do what it says? - If you can’t stand the heat...
  • Measures Approximately: 27cm(H) x 6.5cm(W)