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SpareOne Emergency Mobile Phone

Emergency Calls Only
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SpareOne Emergency Mobile Phone

You're in a field, your smart phone is dead, it's an emergency.

It’s a dark and windy night. You’re driving along a winding, isolated road in a dark forest, on a forbidding mountain top, and the car’s just stopped. Uh oh.

OK, so it does kind of sound like the setting for a cheesy horror movie, but there are no psycho backpackers in this story (that we know about). No, the twist in this tale is much, much worse. You see, you’re stranded in this cliché, and your super-reliable, super-smart phone has just died.

Luckily, you’ve got a SpareOne in the glove box. Created for those moments when all else fails, and you need to make that emergency call, the SpareOne Emergency Mobile Phone is a lightweight phone that runs on a single AA battery. Just pop your SIM card into the back and dial away. It even has a torch.

Close up of AA battery

Powered by an AA battery

Simple buttons

Simple buttons



Simply pop it in your handbag, backpack or glove box and forget about it, safe in the knowledge that you’ll always get your emergency call.
SpareOne Emergency Mobile Phone

Sim card slot and battery

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Please Note:
  • Prepaid SIM cards may require PUK unlock codes. Please contact/visit your carrier to receive the code and instructions as to how to input the 10-digit code to unlock the card for use in SpareOne.
  • Not all backpackers are psycho, nor are all dark, winding mountain roads forbidding
Product Features:
  • No Sim card needed for 999 call
  • 15 Years of battery life, if unused
  • Up to 10 hours talk time from one AA battery
  • Operates at temperatures from -30 - +60 degress celcius
  • Built in LED torch, providing white light for up to 24 hours
  • 9 number memory speed dial
  • Includes SIM adapter and iPhone pin to put your sim card in the phone
  • Lock/unlock button
  • 900/1800Mhz for use in Europe, Brazil, Africa, Asia and Australasia
Suitable for:
  • Travelling abroad: by purchasing a local sim card
  • Camping and hiking: by leaving your expensive smartphone behind and taking SpareOne with inbuilt torch
  • Emergency phone: leave in the car that will always work as long as you have a AA battery
  • Children: the ability to call you and family when in need or just to say hi. Give yourself peace of mind, knowing that your child has a mobile phone to stay connected, without the distractions or unexpected bills from smartphone features.
Battery Requirements:
  • 1x AA battery (included)
Award Winning Phone:
  • Wins the Computer Act!'s Best of Computex 2012: Best Phone.
  • Wins the's Editors Choice award.
  • Wins the Best Choice Award for Design at Computex Taipei, 2012.
  • Makes Entrepreneur Magazine's, list of Brilliant 100 Companies.
  • Makes Popular Mechanics, Top Gadgets of CES 2012: Our Editor’s Choice Awards.
  • Has been selected as a finalist for best OUTDOOR SAFETY in the 2012 SheKnows Parenting Awards.
Press Coverage:
  • Daily Mail "Its makers say that SpareOne is ideal to leave in the car for emergencies, or to pack in travel luggage – especially if you or your loved ones plan to go off the beaten track (or off-piste)."
  • PC Mag: "The ability to place an emergency call without the need to be connected to a carrier, along with absolutely incredible battery shelf life, makes the SpareOne a fantastic tool for any complete emergency preparedness kit."
  • Stuff Magazine: "... designed as an emergency phone to be used – to pick an example entirely at random – when your smartphone’s juice and your luck run out simultaneously."
  • Wired: "It’s a fantastic idea, and perfect as an emergency phone even for those who don’t regularly carry any phone at all."
  • The New York Times: "Although the phone is a lightweight plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s a really pleasing little design, with a curvy two-tone case..."
  • Measures approximately 5cm(W) x 14.2cm(H) x 2cm(D)