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SolarKindle Lighted Cover (for Kindle 4)

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Charge with the power of the sun!

Hold the phone. Stop the press. Put down that sandwich. We’ve just made a startling discovery.

You can now buy accessories for the Kindle! And we’re not talking colourful cases and cleaning fluids – they’ve been around ages. We’re talking about high-tech peripheral gadgets to improve your Kindle-reading experience. And lighting the way for others to follow is the SolarKindle Lighted Cover.

Cocking a snook to our Apple-flavoured overlords, this smart looking polyurethane number is a protective case, a reading light, and a backup battery in one. Plus (as you might have guessed) it’s solar powered! Just leave it out during daylight hours and it’ll soak up enough juice to power your kindle for three times your usual reading time – even if that takes you into the wee small hours.


Perfect for late night reading sessions

Indeed, once the great orb in the sky goes down, the SolarKindle will provide you with all the light you need. Just flip out the 800 lux LED reading light and you can keep up with your reading no matter where you are, or how late it gets.

And the best part is, it won’t draw power from your kindle. So even if the worst should happen and the SolarKindle runs out of juice, the Kindle inside can keep going. Not that this’ll ever happen, of course. A handy LED battery indicator will keep you posted on the SolarKindle’s battery power with a simple traffic light system: Green for great, red for... erm, dead.

USB and power button light
clip into the case

Simply clip into the case

Inside the leather-effect case your Kindle is not only protected, it’s also easier to hold. And it adds barely anything to the reader’s bulk. So it’s just as easy to slip into a bag or case. Now all you need is a little sunshine.

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push button light
Please Note:
  • Kindle not included
Product Features:
  • Solar-powered Kindle case with LED reading light
  • Flexible, lightweight and high performance triple junction amorphous solar panel charges the Kindle from sunrise to sunset in direct sunlight or shade
  • LED reading light built into the cover provides up to 800 lux of illumination
  • A built-in 1500 mA reserve battery powers the reading light and provides extra power for the Kindle
  • Stylish leather-effect polurethane case is smart looking and comfortable
  • Designed to be lightweight and thin, the cover keeps your Kindle safe without adding bulk
  • Folding cover makes holding the Kindle in one hand easy
  • LED battery level indicator
  • Winner of Innovations award at CES 2012 for Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies
  • Measures approximately 20cm(L) x 11.9cm(W) x 1.8cm(D)