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Slushie Maker

A crushing success
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Retro styled

Very retro!

When it comes to refreshing drinks on a hot day, nothing beats an ice-sold slushie. This tongue-tingling blend of crushed ice and sweet juice has been a family favourite for decades. So you can imagine the giddy squeals, pushing, shoving, name-calling and rampant queue-jumping at the Firebox Diner when we took delivery of the Vintage Slushie Maker, in all its retro glory.

Styled like it’s straight out of the Cunningham's kitchen, this classic-looking machine will let you churn out fruity slushies, iced coffees, or chilled cocktails to your heart’s content. Happy days!

Add table salt Add some ice Add sugary liquid/drink

Add table salt...

some ice...

and your sugary tipple!

As its name suggests this ingenious table-top contraption allows you to make slushies in the comfort of your own home. And if you’re a slushie fan it’ll pay for itself in no time. Using the mains-powered Slushie Maker is a doddle. Simply load the drum with ice, ordinary table salt (don’t worry, you can’t taste it) and your juice of choice, and watch in wonder as it churns out a seriously cool slushie.

Slide button

Simple slide button

As well as fruity slushees the Slushie Maker makes a mean frozen margarita. In fact you can make all kinds of frozen cocktails, daiquiris, martinis, cosmopolitans – the possibilities are endless. You can even experiment with coffee and tea. And watching the churning process through the clear drum is almost as entertaining as gulping down your slushie.

Whatever concoction you decide to make, the Slushie Maker is certain to add an exotic, icy touch to any soiree. And if you’re worried that this idiot-proof device might end up gathering dust alongside your fondue set and sandwich toaster, don’t be, because once you sample a Slushie Maker slushie you’ll be hooked. Anyone for an Abominable Snowman?

More info
Product Features:
  • Use crushed ice or small ice cubes from your freezer to make delicious slushie drinks
    1. Add ice cubes and salt to the sealed centre chamber
    2. Add a sugary based liquid to the outside camber
    3. Turn the machine on and within 25 minutes the drink will turn to slush!
  • Easy to use
  • Includes recipe suggestions
  • Handy drinks holder and drip tray
  • Makes up to 2 litres of slushie
  • Retro 50's diner styling
  • Mains powered
Please Note:
  • If making alcoholic drinks you will need to add the alcohol once you've poured out the slushie mixer, as alcohol doesn't freeze at temperatures the Slushie Maker produces
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Read instructions carefully before operation
  • Hand wash only
  • Wash thoroughly after each use and do not let sit with any left over salt or liquid
Helpful Tips:
  • Drinks with a high sugar or corn syrup base will crystallise faster and produce a thicker slush than those with milk or lower sugar content. Carbonated drinks will set up slower and will not be as thick
  • We recommend adding pre-chilled liquid to your Slushie Maker: this will quicken the slush making process.
  • Carbonated diet drinks will not slush
  • Do not use stiff mixtures such as whipped cream or frozen liquids
  • Do not operate the unit longer than required. If after 40 minutes the mixture is not yet achieved the slushie consistency or has thawed again, do not continue