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Seabreacher X Watercraft

Make a splash, big time!
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If you’ve got a boathouse full of water-based playthings (and who hasn’t?), consider it incomplete. Because although jet-skis, boats and Bond-style diving bells are cool, nothing comes close to the awesome Seabreacher X.

Like a pimped-up version of the shark-like vessel Tintin used to search for Red Rackham’s Treasure, this state-of-the-art submersible can whizz around above and beneath the water, and even perform acrobatic stunts as it breaches the surface. Unbelievable!

Seabreacher X Watercraft Seabreacher X Watercraft Seabreacher X Watercraft

Twist Roll

Show off those fins


Seabreacher X Watercraft

Pop the lid

US coastguard inspected (and we’re not talking Pammy and The Hoff), the custom-built Seabreacher X utilises a 260hp supercharged engine to sustain impressive speeds of 50mph above the surface and 25mph below. Chasing dolphins, searching for monsters and checking out mermaids has never been easier. Okay, so the Seabreacher X can’t dive more than 5ft, but who cares when you’re breaking the surface, popping the lid and ordering lobster from the nearest Caribbean beach bar. ‘Extravagant. Moi?’

The Seabreacher’s amazing power and manoeuvrability is achieved by way of a fully vectored thrust system that mimics the tail articulation of sharks and dolphins. In fact it’s so powerful it can even leap clean out of the water. ‘Did you just see…nah!’

Seabreacher X Watercraft

LCD Screen in the dash

If you’re wondering what it’s like sitting in this incredible sub, wonder no more. The roomy transparent cockpit features additional mouth-shaped viewports to provide amazing visibility. What’s more a snorkel-mounted vidcam transmits live images to LCD screens for the pilot and passenger during dives. ‘SpongeBob’s pineapple, 7 o’clock!’

You also get GPS navigation and an on-board stereo system with iPod docking. The good people at Seabreacher will even customise the vessel’s fully upholstered interior in any way you fancy. Ooh, fish finger patterned seats!

Ideal for bored billionaires, companies in need of a bit of water-based PR and supervillains looking for a high speed escape craft, the Seabreacher X is one of the best reasons for messing about on, and below, the water we’ve ever seen. Dive! Dive! Dive!

More info
Engine / Drive
  • ROTAX 1500cc, 4 stroke engine
  • 260 hp supercharged, Intercooled
  • high output, low emission
  • Axial Flow jet pump
  • Fully vectored thrust (up/down, left/right)
  • Forward, Neutral, Reverse
  • Closed cooling system, reliable in fresh or salt water
  • All components can be serviced at your local watercraft dealership
  • Re-designed shark style body
  • Mouth-shaped viewports for enhanced underwater visibility
  • Double snorkel intakes for engine's increased air requirements
  • High performance, low profile wings and elevators
  • Powder-coated stainless steel and alluminum hardware
  • Custom exhaust outlet
  • Fully upholstered interior, customized to your desires
  • Front and Rear LCD screens, displaying live video from snorkel-mounted camera
  • Onboard stereo system with ipod dock
  • Removable lifting eyes for launching from a yacht mounted davit
  • Custom built powder coated trailer
  • Hand-laid composite, monocoque structure
  • Positively buoyant, self-righting hull design
  • 1/2 inch, impact-resistant, acrylic canopy
  • Inflatable aircraft seal keeps cockpit and engine bay water tight
  • Three automatic bilge pumps
  • Collapsible nose section in the event of frontal impact
  • Break-away wing tips
  • All marine approved engine components and hardware
  • Onboard fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detecter
  • U.S. Coastguard inspected