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Scrabble Beer Mats

Have a night on the tiles
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holding all the Scrabble Beer Mats

54, plenty for your round

Bring an element of verbosity and word-play to your home drinking with these super cool Scrabble Beer Mats.

Housed in a snazzy presentation tin – you’ll find 54 high quality tile coasters, made from recycled pulp board, waiting to help make your home look like a traditional boozer/high-brow sauna/ski lodge.

Each mat features a single letter, along with its corresponding point value, on a nice wood-effect design. Flip them over and you’ll even find the iconic bonus points squares underneath. Triple Letter Score? Lovely stuff!

Overhead lifestyle shot

Turn your lounge into the local boozer

Flipping the Scrabble Beer Mats

Flip for a letter or score feature

Although you can’t play an official full game of Scrabble with them, there’s literally* endless fun to be had making up stupid/rude/witty/offensive/insightful words and/or thinking of drunkenly ingenious ways to incorporate them into (furiously responsible) drinking games.

Or you could be a bit more adult, and use them to spell out the initials of your guests when they come round yours for a ‘Come Dine With Me’ style evening. And then throw them at each other.

Either way, thanks to Scrabble Beer Mats you can stay in and have a night on the tiles. Clever.

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Product Features:
  • 54 double sided bar-style beer mats: two complete alphabet sets and two blanks
  • Made from recycled pulp board, with a wood-effect design that is satisfyingly high quality
  • Includes handy presentation tin to keep them organised or look nice as a smart gift
  • Officially licensed
  • Wouldn’t look out of place at a 70’s Sauna party where you meet a charming man called Sven and enjoy his powerful wife’s birching, whilst you sip mulled wine and attempt to create a fitting Scrabble word that encapsulates the experience. ‘Liberating’ perhaps
  • Each coaster measures approximately 9.5cm(W) x 9.5cm(L)
*literally as in not actually literally. Still the limit is your imagination! Literally.