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Scents of Time

So that's why Cleopatra was so popular
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As Seen On Sky News! We always thought selling fragrance was a bit la-de-dah for Firebox. But when we heard about Scents of Time we were so intrigued we simply had to investigate. And we're glad we did because this amazing range is as fascinating as it is captivating.

Scents of Time: Pyxis
Brought to you by maverick fragrance-seeker David Pybus, Scents of Time are accurate recreations of fragrances used during the glory days of Ancient Egypt, Pompeii and Mesoamerica. Once you've inhaled these heady scents you'll realise why the Cleopatras and Eumachias (no, no idea) of this world were so popular.

But how in the name of Tony Robinson did David get his mitts on such long-forgotten formulas? Well, in true Indiana Jones style he scoured tombs for inscriptions, deciphered hieroglyphics, examined spores discovered in ancient gardens and even studied genuine samples preserved in volcanic rock. Incredible!

Scents of Time:

Beautifully packaged with booklet!

Beautifully packaged, each intoxicating fragrance comes with a booklet detailing how the scent was lost, found and re-created. It's like inhaling ancient history minus the sand. But don't just take our word for it: Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones of Dragons' Den fame were so smitten they invested a small fortune in Scents of Time.

Scents of Time: Pyxis
Pyxis - The Lost Perfume of Pompeii is derived from floral, herbal and spice spores found in the garden of a Pompeian perfumer. These, along with substances garnered from the four corners of the Empire, have helped re-create this gorgeously feminine fragrance.

Scents of Time: Pyxis
Nenúfar - Cleopatra's Sacred Scent has been re-created by 'head spacing', a technique that involves stealing the aromas of preserved substances. The chief ingredient of this womanly scent is Blue Lotus, a bloom sacred to all Pharaohs.

Scents of Time: Pyxis
Ankh - Tutankhamen's Aroma of Intrigue is a unisex fragrance reconstructed using actual written formulas found at Edfu on the Nile. Evoking the smoky aroma of burning incense, this is a fitting tribute to the boy king Tutankhamun.

Scents of Time: Pyxis
Maya - The Mystical Scent of the Americas has been created by Colombian perfumer Jorge Lee. As well as evoking various tropical scents described in Mayan poetry, this delicate fragrance incorporates two typically Mexican aromas: vanilla and chocolate.

All Scents of Time fragrances have been created by highly experienced perfumers, many of whom work for top fashion houses. In fact, we wouldn't mind betting that these modern reworkings smell even better than the originals.

Scents of Time

From L-R: Ankh (100ml), Pyxis (50ml), Maya (50ml) and Nenúfar (50ml)

Yes, you could fork out on some designer smellies, or even buy the latest nano-celeb fragrance, but Scents of Time are infinitely more original. Best of all, they smell utterly divine.

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Fragrances available:
  • Female:
    • Maya (50ml) - recreated using books and sacred Pagan texts which survived those burned by the Church
      Fragrance in the same family as: Ambre Sultan (Serge Lutyens & Palais Royal Shisheido), Opium (Yves St Laurent) Youth Dew (Estee Lauder), Maja (Myrurgia), Coco (Chanel).
    • Nenúfar (50ml) - recreated with blue lotus water lilies favoured by the Pharaohs
      Fragrance in the same family as: L'eau D'Issey d'ete (Issey Miyake), Polo Sport Woman (Ralph Lauren), Sunflowers (Elizabeth Arden), Escape (Calvin Klein)
    • Pyxis (50ml) - formulated of a combination of flowers, fruits and spices found in Pompeii perfumer Sperato's garden
      Fragrance in the same family as: Miss Dior Cherie (Dior), Gucchi Rush (Gucchi), Narciso Rodriguez for her, Mitsouko (Guerlain)
  • Unisex:
    • Ankh (100ml) - reconstructed from written formulae found at Edfu on the Nile
      Fragrance in the same family as: Dune (Dior) Samsara (Guerlain), Euphoria (Calvin Klein), Prada