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Scented Macaron Coin Purses

Stash your doubloons in a macaron
Looks like a macaron. Or a clam. Or a burger
Scented in 4 options: Chocolate, Strawberry, Orange or Mint
SAVEour the smell
When you’re out of money, you can work them like a puppet mouth to distract barmen and other people you owe money
Free UK Delivery Over £100
Free Returns
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'Dirty cash I want you, dirty cash I need you ohhhh'. So what do you do to rid yourself of the smell of filthy lucre? Simple. You stash your cash in a Scented Macaron Coin Purse and suddenly your money never smelled sweeter (or looked tastier).

Each zip-up scented purse gives off a lovely whiff of either Chocolate, Mint, Strawberry or Orange. If keeping your moolah in a macaron isn't your thing then you could easily pretend it's something else. Stash your bread in a burger, clams in a clamshell. Good times.

They're surprisingly roomy inside, meaning you can easily cram a load of notes, shrapnel, mini lip balms and bits in.

These conversation starting casharoooons smell like the perfect gift!

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Please Note:
  • The smell might start to wear off after a bit of knocking around your bag/person/life but still lasts a long time
Product Features:
  • Holds a surprising amount of coins and notes
  • Good quality zip for zipping and unzipping. And zipping
  • 'Scratch n Sniff' – They're not actually scratch and sniff at all, but we wanted to include this line because it was quite clever. Scratch being a slang term for money. Sorry
  • Measures approximately 6.5cm(H) x 7.5cm(D)
Customer reviews
"Just fab! Very tempting to eat...."
Maggie - 18th of August, 2016
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