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Razor Spark Scooter

Sparks will fly!

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Light up your ride

Light up your ride

If any of you screen-gawpers have bothered venturing beyond the front door recently, you’ll know that almost every kid in town owns a folding scooter. But why be like every kid in town when you can own a scooter that spits showers of sparks from its behind. Flame on!

Yes, boys and girls, the world’s best selling folding scooter just got a whole lot hotter because the Razor Spark Scooter utilises a detachable flint cartridge to light up your ride. Simply step on the rear bar and sparks will fly – literally. It’s just like the exhaust pipe on the Batmobile (if you squint hard, use your imagination and hum that ‘dunna nunna nunna nunna’ music).

Detachable flint cartridge

Detachable flint cartridge

The Razor Spark’s ingenious cartridge boasts four flint bars and lasts for over 1.5 hours of continuous use, so you’ll out-spark everything in the park. And although you’d be hard pressed to stomp on it for that long, we’ll even throw in a spare.

It’s not all about pyrotechnics though. This swish set of wheels screams quality in every department. Built of aircraft grade aluminium with tough urethane wheels, a patented rear brake and springless shock system, the smooth-riding Razor Spark can withstand a serious pounding, and even the occasional run-in with boisterous big brothers dressed as Power Rangers.

Folds up quickly and weighs only 2.27kg

Folds up quickly and weighs only 2.27kg



Best of all, because it folds up in a trice and weighs only 2.27kg, kids (or more realistically, mums or dads) can easily carry it when riding is not an option. Speaking of weight, the Razor Spark can support up to 50kg. So unless mum’s been to Iceland, even big kids (and puny dads) can make spectacles of themselves in the park.

Short of welding a rocket to the back of your kids’ scooter we can think of no better way to add a dash of flash to their two-wheeled outings. Now all you have to do is get ordering and lose some weight so you can have a go. Fzzztttttt!

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Please Note:
  • No assembly required
  • Light up your ride with real sparks!
  • Step on the Spark Bar and watch the sparks fly!
  • Scooter material: Aircraft-grade aluminum tube and deck
  • Wheel size: 98mm
  • Wheel bearings: ABEC-5
  • Brakes: Rear fender
  • Allen wrench: 5mm (not included)
  • Handlebar height: 83.82cm (33 inches; wheel to handlebar)
  • Weight: 2.27kg (5 pounds)
  • Maximum rider weight: 50kg
  • Suspension: No
  • Wheelie bar: No
  • Kickstand: No
  • Measures approximately 63.5cm x 29cm x 82.8cm
  • Folded dimensions: 60.32cm x 10.16cm x 18.41cm