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R/C Drinks Cooler
R/C Drinks Cooler
R/C Drinks Cooler

R/C Drinks Cooler

Beers on wheels
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Drinking beer and behaving like a total slob go hand in hand, so why bother getting off your backside to fetch another cold one? Just call upon the incredibly silly services of the R/C Drinks Cooler.
R/C Beer Cooler





R/C Drinks Cooler

Beer Bot at the Barbeque

Specifically designed to expedite the delivery of cold lager to waiting mitts, this nifty battery-operated ice bucket is the ultimate in decadence for any self-respecting layabout. Simply fill it with ice, bung in the beers (or, heaven forbid, something non-alcoholic) and relax as you dispatch its lagery contents to fellow boozers (up to 30ft away) via a bottle top inspired handheld transmitter.

R/C Beer Cooler R/C Beer Cooler

Beer Cooler

R/C Controller

R/C Drinks Cooler

Thumbs Up

Featuring four sure-grip wheels, the R/C Drinks Cooler is capable of transporting up to twelve bottles or ten cans forwards, backwards, left and right, so you can whizz beers in any direction without having to ask your scantily-clad supermodel grape-danglers to give it a helping hand. Friends will be amazed by both your indolence and your ingenuity as you manoeuvre this sturdy R2D2-esque vehicle around your pad. It's the ideal way to show off at summer soirees. Who needs catering staff when you've got a hi-tech droid butler?

R/C Drinks Cooler

Not magic after all

In our expert opinion the R/C Drinks Cooler is one of the most pointless yet indispensable gadgets we've ever seen. And that's precisely why you must buy one immediately. After all, you don't really need a ballroom above the casino on your yacht but it's fun nonetheless. The point being, self indulgence is where it's at.
R/C Drinks Cooler

Compacts for storage

So what are you waiting for? The beers are ready to roll, hurry up and hit the Buy button. Or if you're really posh, get your butler to do it for you. Then fire him. Cheers!

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Delivery details:
This product can only be delivered to addresses within the EU.

Please Note:
  • Holds up to 12 bottles / 10 cans
  • Approximately 34cm(W) x 30cm(H) x 30cm(D)
Battery Requirements
  • R/C Cooler requires 6x C batteries - not included
  • Controller requires 1x 9v battery - not included