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Quick Hit 5

An end to lost balls?
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Portable and quick to set up

Whether you’re bowling, pitching, batting or swinging you need a net in which to catch your balls, especially in the back garden. After all, hassling the neighbours for lost balls is embarrassing when you’re a kid, let alone a grown-up. So thank goodness for the Quick Hit 5.

Brought to you by ultra-portable net kings Kickster, this 5’x5’ practice net is ready for action in just two minutes because its sturdy posts are connected with elastic cord, just like a tent. It’s ideal for team training, solo practice or just for fun. And thanks to a compact carry bag you can take it anywhere you fancy. ‘Yay, cricket and baseball practice in the park, no scratty municipal nets required!’

Despite its supreme portability, the Quick Hit 5’s high quality power drain net will take the wallop out of the most vicious shots, chips, throws, hits or swings, so it’s perfect for training at any level, from rubbish dad to top pro. Come and have a throw if you think you’re hard enough!

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Product Features:
  • 2 minute set up time
  • No instructions needed
  • High quality power-drain net
  • Comes with easy to carry bag
  • 1x Frame
  • 1x Net
  • 1x Bag
  • Ground Pegs
  • Measures approximately 152cm(W) x 152cm(H)