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Putty Monsters

You really knead 'em!
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Calling all Earthlings! Thousands of squishy squashy aliens have plopped, splatted and oozed their way onto our planet – and they need your help! Their name? Putty Monsters. Their aim? To get back into shape – literally, because thanks to a seriously depressing cataclysm on the Planet Flobulon, these bizarre thingummies have been reduced to shapeless blobs!

Putty Monsters are blind-packed so you never know what skin/eye colour combo you are going to get. There are five different skin/eye colours (two common, two rare and one ultra rare) and you even get a cool tin to carry your creature around in, for monster-making on the move.

Putty Colours

Green Putty   Blue Putty   Lightgreen Putty   Pink Putty   Orange Putty









Ultra Rare

You can still have hours of fun moulding your tactile blob into countless ridiculous shapes. ‘Hmm…today I think you should have tentacles, horns and a trunk.’ You get the idea.

Exclusive to Firebox, Putty Monsters are seriously addictive no matter how infantile you happen to be. Best of all, the most popular monsters uploaded to the site will be brought back to life on the Planet Flobulon. So we hear. What are you waiting for? Start squishing!

Eye Colours

Green eyes   Blue eyes   Grey eyes   Brown eyes   Lavender eyes

Green eyes


Blue eyes


Grey eyes


Brown eyes


Ultra Rare
Lavender eyes

The 5 putty colours and 5 eye colours are packed in random combinations - rare Pink putty with common Blue eyes... common Green putty with ultra rare Lavender eyes... there are 25 possibilities and you won't know which you've got until you open the box!

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Please Note:
  • Putty Monsters are blind packed- This means you won't know what colour your Putty Monster is until you open the box!
  • There are five putty colours to collect- Dark Green (common), Blue (common), Light Green (rare), Pink (rare), and Orange (ultra rare)
  • There are five eye colours to collect- Green (common), Blue (common), Grey (rare), Brown (rare), and Lavender (ultra rare)
  • Suitable for ages 4yrs+
  • 1x 70g blob of coloured putty
  • 1x Pair of coloured eyes
  • 1x Putty Monsters® Storage Tin