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Piss Up In A Brewery Experience

The party to end all parties!
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April Fool Product 2009!
GOTCHA! Yep that's right, this product was part of our April Fool range for 2010. We apologise if you are disappointed... or just sitting there red-faced! You can see our other April Fool products here.
Free UK Delivery Over £100
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Next Day Delivery Not Available
The brewery, the ultimate bonding soiree.

The brewery, the ultimate bonding soiree.

Prepare to be bowled over (before you fall over or collapse) because this is a Firebox Experience you are unlikely to forget, assuming you can remember it in the first place. Ooh, me ‘ead! Available for groups of 10 or 20 it’s the ultimate bonding soiree: ‘You’re my beshtest mate in the whole… wuuurgh.’

Take in all the history

Take in all the history

Ideal for stag do’s and the like, the Piss up in a Brewery Experience does exactly what it says on the tin. Or, to be more precise, in the box. Because once you’ve ordered we’ll send you a smart box containing a personalised gottle o' geer, a personalised gift certificate and an instructional CD with the contact information of your local participating brewery. We’ll even throw in a few aspirins for that painful morning after.


Personalised certificate

Pour the brew

"and mine's a vodka orange!"

The fun begins as soon as you and the gang enter the brewing emporium. First up, your brewmaster/tour rep will show you exactly how to sink a Yard of Ale. Then it’s up to you to follow suit. Anyone who fails this basic challenge will be forced to conduct the rest of the tour minus trousers. Yes, really!

Glamorous assistant

Glamorous assistant

Next up you’ll be shown how lager is brewed. And if you think that’s dull, think again because throughout this section of the tour you will be served pint after delicious pint by several glamorous assistants dressed in not very much at all whilst Bavarian Eurobeat pumps out in the background. Good, eh!

End your day the healthy way

End your day the healthy way

Following a delicious lunch of lager, kebab, crisps, lager, pork scratchings, lager, peanuts, lager and maybe some more lager it’s time to dispense with the loudmouth soup, put the pedal to metal and move onto the serious business of some specially-prepared shots. If you’re still standing after that you can move on to the piss de résistance. We won’t spoil the surprise but let’s just say it involves a bucket and a hose pipe. Enjoy!

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Please Note:
  • Suitable for 18yrs +
  • Maximum of 14 characters for the personalised bottle and certificate
  • Each brewery has its own terms and conditions. Please see instructional CD for more details.
  • Instructional CD will guide you through the process of organising your event.
  • Firebox cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained on this tour. Insurance supplied by Elbillug Tawt Ltd
Box contents:
  • 1x Personalised bottle of beer
  • 1x Personalised certificate
  • 1x Pack of aspirins
  • 1x Instruction CD