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Penny Skateboards

When plastic ruled the world
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Fine tune to suit your riding style

When it comes to skateboarding, don’t believe all those balding trendies when they reminisce about 360-ing on fancy Kryptonic-clad custom decks back in the 70s. The truth is most of ‘em hit the pavement (literally and metaphorically) on Penny Skateboards. Confused? You won’t be because thanks to Firebox these best-selling boards are back to thrill a whole new generation.

Built in Australia, each gloriously colourful re-issue features a 57cm x 15cm injection-moulded plastic deck, ultra smooth ‘well’ wheels and high quality trucks with super soft bushings and nickel-plated nuts and bolts. Cool? Pick up a Penny and it’s like the last thirty years never happened.

Penny Retro Skateboards

Pull off some sick tricks

Penny Retro Skateboards

Carve your way down your street

Penny Retro Skateboards

Pretty fast for a short board

Fully assembled and ready to ride, Penny Skateboards are so compact they can go anywhere and will even fit inside your backpack. Try doing that with a modern longboard!

Nine different colour combinations to choose from:
9 different colours to choose from











High quality trucks and bearings
with "Super Soft" 90A bushings

Whether you’re an experienced skater, a total beginner or an old fogey attempting to relive your youth, the Penny Skateboard is just the ticket. If you happen to be the latter we guarantee the memories will come flooding back the second you plonk your foot on that waffled deck: 360s, grabs, tic-tacs, daffies – and those were just the tricks you did in the kitchen when mum wasn’t looking.

Okay, so we wouldn’t recommend screaming down a half-pipe on a Penny, but when it comes to cruising around the park, pulling off freestyle stunts or even rediscovering skateboarding 30 years down the line, this classic board is perfect. You can even complete the whole 70s vibe and make a total Tony Alva of yourself (kids get Googling) with some denim shorts, tube socks and a straggly mane. What’s that? You already have? Bravo, or, as they used to say back in the 70s, totally radical, man!

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Product Features:
  • The Penny's small deck construction & super smooth wheels make getting anywhere a breeze
Technical Specifications:
  • Plastic Injection Moulded Skateboard Deck
  • Proudly Poured in Australia
  • 59mm/78A "Super Smooth" Well Wheels
  • 3.125" Trucks with "Super Soft" 90A Bushings
  • 1" Allen Key Nickleplated Nuts & Bolts
  • Measures approximately 57cm(L) x 15cm(W)