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My Butterfly

Flutterly charming
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animation of My Butterfly in action

Tap the top to start the flutter

Remember those lazy summer days spent trapping butterflies in jars? Course you don’t. You were too busy playing video games and watching telly. But thanks to My Butterfly you can reconnect with the Blyton-esque wonders of nature without the attendant cruelty.

It looks like an empty jam jar but tap this glass container or make a noise and the gorgeous faux butterfly inside begins to flutter around in an incredibly lifelike fashion. The effect is utterly compelling, not to mention befuddling because the colourful creature’s random stop-start movement is staggeringly realistic.

My Butterfly: The Yellow Swallowtail

The Yellow Swallowtail

So how does My Butterfly work? We’re not entirely sure but there’s a thin wire inside the jar and its metal lid conceals three AAA batteries. Quite how this causes the fake flapper to move is a mystery. Indeed, we can’t believe it’s not a butterfly!

Having already generated a major buzz at the 2010 Tokyo Toy Fair this amazing curio is set to add a twist of Japanese eccentricity to desks, shelves, worktops and windowsills across the globe. Mums, dads, kids, grandparents and even full-on lepidopterists (butterfly collectors, silly) will be totally mesmerised.

My Butterfly battery compartment

Batteries concealed in the lid

With various butterfly species rapidly becoming endangered, there’s never been a better time to admire an electronic doppelganger. Each jar even comes with its own species-specific, info-packed hang tag. There are four species: Monarch, Yellow Swallowtail, Pink Morpho and Blue Morpho. Each one as stunning as the next. My Butterfly really is the pet that keeps on giving – as long as you change the batteries once in a while. Go on, have a flutter.

Monarch: My Butterfly Yellow Swallowtail: My Butterfly Blue Morpho: My Butterfly Pink Morpho: My Butterfly


Yellow Swallowtail

Blue Morpho

Pink Morpho

More info
My Butterfly Packaging
Please Note:
  • Sadly we can't promise what species of butterfly you will receive, but they are all very stunning!
  • Requires 3x AAA batteries – included.
Product Features:
  • Activates 90 seconds of random life like movement
  • Watch My Butterfly fly, flap and flutter
  • Gently tap the jar once for instant action
  • No need to turn off; batteries last in standby mode for months ready for a tap to awaken
  • Can be awakened by ambient noise
  • Species specific hang tag providing educational facts about each butterfly species
  • Measures 17 x 9 x 9 cm
  • Suitable for Ages 6-16yrs