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Moshi Monsters Gift Pack

What’s that coming over the hill?
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Moshi Monsters Starter Kit

Trading Cards

Assuming you’re not reading this from the Planet Durr Brain, you’ll know that Moshi Monsters are the adoptable online critters taking the world by storm. If you don’t believe us just ask the 26 million players who’ve already signed up to puzzle, play, explore and chat in this crazy virtual world. Failing that get your paws on the brilliant Moshi Monsters Gift Pack.

This luxe introduction to the wacky world of Moshi includes all kinds of monster related gubbins. For starters there’s a three-month membership card (worth £15), giving you access to awesome members-only areas such as the Underground Disco, the Port, Gift Island and more.

Moshi Monsters Starter Kit Moshi Monsters Starter Kit Moshi Monsters Starter Kit

Post Cards


Iggy Plushie

Moshi Monsters Starter Kit

Unique Items Redeemed In-Game

Next, snuggle up to a unique plush version of Iggy, Monstro City’s most adorably irritating character. This Pixel Munching Snaffler is forever whooshing on screen via mysterious ‘Aargates’ so getting your mitts on a ‘real’ one is truly monsterific.

But wait, there’s more, including a deck of trading cards, 3x three day Friendship Cards, a pack of highly collectable Moshi Bandz, and exclusive stickers, postcards and virtual items that can be redeemed in-game. Phew!

Moshi Monsters Starter Kit Moshi Monsters Starter Kit Moshi Monsters Starter Kit

Friendship Cards

3 Month Membership

Moshi Bandz

A fantastic gift for any kid (or infantile adult) busting to dive headfirst into the ever-expanding world of Moshi Monsters, this bumper Moshi medley is even packaged in a suitably monstery crib-style box.

Get ordering and before you can say ‘Buster Bumblechops’ you could be collecting Performing Flappasauruses in your virtual zoo, listening to Lady Goo Goo, hiding from Dr StrangeGlove and reading about McNulty the Undercover YapYap in the Daily Growl. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world!

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Please note:
  • Moshi Monsters Gift Pack requires an internet ready computer with online connection.
  • Suitable for ages 6+
Pack Contains:
  • 3 month membership card
  • 3x three day friendship cards (to give friends)
  • Moshi Monsters “Iggy” soft toy
  • Moshi Monsters Collectible Trading Card Pack
  • Exclusive: Moshi Monsters Stickers
  • Exclusive: 3x Moshi Monsters Postcards
  • Exclusive: 3x Unique Items to be Redeemed in-game!
  • Moshi Bandz