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Minecraft Light-Up Torch

This little light of minecraft
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Light up your home and prevent nocturnal monsters from spawning
Also melts away snow and stops lakes from freezing over
Emits a warm yellow glow, with a luminance of 14
Mounts on the wall, or you can sit it on a table/wave it about
An officially licensed Minecraft collectible
Made from 1 stick and 1 coal (actually rugged ABS plastic)
Free UK Delivery Over £100
Free Returns
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In the Minecraft universe monsters only spawn at night, and the real world is no different. Well perhaps not Endermen, Creepers and heavily pixelated spiders etc. but the Boogieman – he's pretty real. Which is why you need to drive away the darkness and protect yourself properly with the Minecraft Light-Up Torch.

We've plucked this pixel-perfect lantern straight out of the game so there's no need for you to brave the endless world, chopping up stick-worthy wood or madly mining for coal. It emits a soothing yellow glow and can be attached to the blocks of your home as a sturdy table centre-piece or hung from the wall at a perfect 45° angle.

Or you can just wield it in your hand as you confidently navigate your way to the toilet during the night – keeping those creepers from entering your nether-regions.

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Please Note:
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Stackable and renewable
Product Features:
  • An officially licensed Minecraft collectible
  • Flap on the base enables you to mount the torch on the wall
  • Sit it on a table or clasp it in your hand
  • Made from one stick and one coal (rugged ABS plastic)
  • We're not suggesting that you buy 10 of them, but if you were to place one every 6th block (1 block = 1 metre) then there won't be a single patch of darkness for nocturnal nasties to spawn in
  • Measures approximately 30cm(W) x 6cm(H) x 6cm(D)
Customer reviews
"My 6 year old cousin absolutely loved it!! I Love that you can hang it on the wall so easily!!"
Sarah - 29th of June, 2016
Review 1 of 4