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Message Click Clock

Finger Clickin' Good
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Wake up each morning to an uplifting personal message
See the time, date and your message at the click of a finger
Made from timber with a stylish beech-wood effect veneer
Easily programme and store up to 7 different messages
Has all your regular alarm clock and snooze functionality (phew!)
Free UK Delivery Over £100
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Next Day Delivery Not Available
In the morning when your wretched alarm clock goes off, the actual time is irrelevant – it's time to get up (or snooze it ten times and miss your train). But what if there was an alarm that could show you an uplifting message each morning to coax you out from under those cosy sheets?

Enter the Message Click Clock. Its bright display comes to life when the alarm sounds, scrolling your inspirational message across its minimalist wooden exterior. Super easy to programme, this smart bedside device can store and recall up to seven messages.

Just click your fingers or clap your hands and it'll show you the time, date and ambient temperature. It automatically switches off when the room is quiet so that your bedroom isn't constantly illuminated by a bright and blinking digital glow.

Don't worry, it's got all the regular alarm clock features you know and love so you can still snooze away to your hearts content.

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Product Features:
  • Wake up to your own message each morning
  • Time, date, temperature and your message at the click of a finger
  • Ability to set weekday or weekend alarms – no need to worry that the alarm will go off when you fancy a lie-in
  • You can programme and store up to 7 different messages
  • 12/24H, ℃/°F and UK/EU/USA date formats can be selected
  • Made from timber Wood with a beech wood-effect veneer
  • You can lock the display to be permanently on if you wish
  • Internal back-up memory battery to keep all your custom settings in case of a power cut
  • Power supply: DC 5V mains plug adapter (included)
  • Measures approximately 25cm(W) x 9cm(H) x 4.5cm(D)