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Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box

‘Her name is Rio and she…’
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Firebox Unboxes... review!

We all know that staying in is the new going out. But why waste time sniggering at talentless bozos on TV when you and your friends can butcher your favourite songs, karaoke-style? It’s easy with the Lucky Voice Party Box.

Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box singers

Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box packaging

Are you ready for love?
Elton is!

Created by the caterwauling creatives behind the Lucky Voice chain of swish karaoke bars, this portable effects box with designer microphone plugs into your computer, allowing would-be superstars to throw full-on karaoke parties at home. All together now, ‘Got my first real six-string…’

Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box controls

Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box echo

Karaoke with knobs on - including all important echo... echo... echo...

Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box KISS

Karaoke - it's all or nothing!

To get started simply create a playlist (or choose a preselected one) on, turn up your speakers and get wailing. Rammed with over 8000 songs*, from Amy Winehouse to Abba, the Lucky Voice website is a doddle to use. Just type in a title or artist and before you can say ‘Bismallah, no!’ the search engine will do the biz (sans vocals, of course). You even get the lyrics bopping out of your screen in true karaoke fashion. ‘And through it aaall…’

Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box party

Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box packaging

The Party Box box from Firebox rocks!

Thanks to its squawk-disguising echo effect, Lucky Voice makes even sub-Scooch singers sound vaguely bearable. Think of it as a magic box that transforms your computer into the ultimate karaoke machine. If that’s too taxing think of it as the most hilariously entertaining gizmo you’re ever likely to buy. Once guests have downed a few shandies you’ll be amazed at the notes they hit and the poses they strike (and that’s not necessarily a good thing).

Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box sockets

Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box Mic

Additional Microphone

Although true exhibitionists might prefer the bright lights of the X Factor to the dimmed lights of your sitting room, we reckon it’s better to get laughed at by a bunch of tipsy mates than insulted by a high-trousered impresario, patronised by some tone-deaf Twiglet (take your pick) and baffled by a grinning Irish bloke who worships Westlife.

Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box sockets

Besides, singing and partying with the Lucky Voice Party Box is not about talent, it’s about having a rip-roaring good night. So what are you waiting for? Let the party begin!

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Please Note:
  • *When you buy the Lucky Voice Party Box you get access to all 8000+ songs for 30 days. After the 30 days expire you will have access to a free song list, which changes weekly. After that you can choose between Unlimited Singing or Song Credits.
  • Unlimited Singing: costs £3.99 for 24 hours £7.99 per month, £29.99 for 6 months and £49.99 for a full year.
  • Song Credits: 50 songs £4.99, 100 songs £7.50, 250 songs £12.50 and 500 songs £19.99
  • Neon pink microphone
  • 20ft (6m) of microphone cable
  • Party Box mixer
  • 1 month subscription to Lucky Voice Home website with unlimited access to over 8000 songs
  • All necessary cables; extremely long microphone cable, audio cables to connect to your computer or stereo
  • AC mains adapter
  • Instruction sheet
Accessories: Extra Microphone
  • WM200 Microphone
  • Black with silver head
  • Steel mesh capsule housing
  • Wide frequency response
  • Die cast alloy body
  • Steel ball slide on/off switch
  • Includes 20ft (6m) shielded cable
  • Convenient carry case
  • Wall holder included