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Log Pillow

How did you sleep?
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Sleep like a log, or rather, on a log

How did you sleep? Nah... that’s too easy. Support your lower lumber! *Groan* Oh wait... spruce up your bedroom! *Snort* Ah, we could spend all day beavering away, trying to dovetail wood-related gags into here. But we’d never get around to talking about the Log Pillow itself. Which would be a shame.

In case you haven't spotted by now, this super soft travel pillow has been designed to look just like a log. No, we have no idea why, but there’s something very appealing about going to sleep on it. Although that could be down to the thousands of squidgy micro-beads inside which mould to your head.

Have a try yourself – it’s a handy companion on long car journeys, naps in the park and camping in the back garden. With a polyester cover it’s a doddle to clean, and if anyone every questions your extreme credentials, just tell them you like to sleep on the branch of a tree. Now that's bushcrafty...

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Product Features:
  • Log-shaped travel pillow
  • Custom-contouring micro-bead fill
  • Polyester/spandex cover
  • Clean with a damp cloth and soapy water