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Kontrol Freeks

It’s all about leverage
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Get the advantage with these tournament legal mods

When it comes to FPS and driving games, we like to think we can hold our own. But anything that’ll give us an edge over our snarky mates is always a plus in our book. Which is why we’ve started modding our PS3 and Xbox 360 game controllers with the awesome clip-on kits from Kontrol Freeks.

Take the FPS Freek ELITE, for example. Their secret? Leverage! These silicone mushrooms add extra length to the thumb sticks of your controller. This gives them a much greater range of movement, giving you far more control over the tiniest on-screen movements.

Kontrol Freeks

Silicone mushroom!

Likewise, the twin horns of the Speed Freek components make thumb-stick twiddling easier than ever. Just clip them on and your highly caffeinated, sweat-slicked thumbs will stay put, even in the heat of the action.

So whether you’re strafing a post-apocalyptic scene with machine gun fire, or casually stealing pole position, these simple mods from Kontrol Freeks will be sure to raise your game.
Two types available

2 designs available (From L-R): Speed Freek & FPS Freek ELITE

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Kontrol Freeks
Product Features:
  • Silicone clip-on thumb stick extentions
  • Xbox and PS3 compatible
  • Gives more control equalling higher accuracy in FPSs
  • Better grip to relieve thumb fatigue
  • 100% Tournament legal
  • FPS Freek is designed to fit both the PS3 controller and Xbox 360 controller but will also fit many third-party versions
  • Great for 1st Person shoot 'em ups, and driving games
  • Measures approximately 2.2cm(W) x 2.2cm(H) x 1.5cm(D)